Why Commit Suicide Painlessly Won’t Help

So many things can make anyone think of taking their own life and I can not blame any one who want to make attempt to commit suicide painlessly because life itself is hard.

Here I will show you how to commit suicide in a painless way if you pay little more attention.

Eat your best meal, then go to sleep, hopeful you don’t wake up. Then, you have commit suicide painlessly but if you do wake up again, know it is not your time to die, it means you have great things ahead of you.

Know This Before You Take Your Own Life

I want you to know that you are not the only one who think of commiting suicide, there are hundreds of thousand of people who feel thesame way right now, I am too, but I feel taking my life isn’t the best option.

Save says nearly 800,000 people die by suicide every year. Depression is the major lead to suicide, as many people who are depressed believed commit suicide is the next option to get over depression.

Before I finally tell you how easy it is to commit suicide painlessly, that you will not know when you’d lose your breathe.

Actually suicide is a thing that everybody think of at one point or the other of our lives. Even the strong and brave people have it in mind to take their own life when life is no more favourable.


Reasons Why You Think Committing Suicide Is The Best Option

Take a look at Reasons Why Everyone Think Of Committing Suicide, you should find one of the reasons to be genuine.

  1. You want to commit suicide because life isn’t favourable
  2. You are depressed and you feel, taking your life is the best way overcome depression
  3. The same spirit who tells you to give up is also pushing you to take your own life.
  4. You think your problem is greater than anyone else, but you haven’t seen people’s worst cases.
  5. You think taking your own life is the best option when you have a choice.

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I also feel like committing killing myself in a painless way because I was tired of life, things aren’t working for me, almost everything worked the opposite. I have tried so hard to fix these things but I am always left with regrets.

Truth be told, you already know that to commit suicide painlessly is not the best option. Taking your own life will never encourage others  who look up to you.

Before my attempt in committing suicide, I will my you to read a very short and brief experience of mine.

I am not here to tell you all my story, I am just here to tell you what I have learnt on my attempt in taking my own life by myself.

After thinking and making research  and making an attempt on how to commit suicide painlessly, I got to learn that.

Committing suicide is not new to me because I have made an  attempt and I have seen reasons why committing taking your own life by yourself make you nothing but a coward and a weak person. But do you know that life is not for the strong but for the weak.

The way our parents focus and put more attention on the child they love the most to exile, the same ways life focuses on the weak to grow strong.

Do you know why your parents beat the hell out of you because you have done something wrong, or the ways the teachers focus on the weak students in the class? It may look like they hate us but indirectly they want the best for us but do not know how to express that to you.

The same way life treats us in a crude way like we are nothing and valueless in this world. Life does not want us to remain weak that is why it tries the way it understands to teach us the hard way.

Making an attempt to commit suicide is not the best way to prove the world wrong of your weakness but to grown in strength, not instantly but gradually without thinking of how long it could take. When you make this happen there is no two ways about it as the world will appreciate you for staying so strong to overcome your challenges.

1. You know taking your own life is not the right option but you feel it is because you are tired of everything. This is how the devil tricks people to take their own life, the devil makes you tired, confused and depressed and then makes you think of killing your own self.

2. If you think you haven’t make an attempt of suicide in a painless way then you are not seeing the reality of life. Because ‘every person on earth have tried commit suicide at least ones a each day of their lives, including you.

Death isn’t that easy, even someone who was forced to take his life in on the gallows refused to die. Have you heard of the man John Babbacomba Lee? According to Wikipedia They called him ‘the man they couldn’t hang because he was hung three times in different occupations but won’t die.

3. You are aware it is not easy to take your own life, that is why you try to find how to commit suicide painlessly.  Every one who die by suicide regret at the end but the painful and the regretful part of all is that they have taken their own life and they do not have the opportunity to share the experience with other people who tries or think of committing suicide.

You have forgotten that you always have a second, third and forth change to make things happen. Thomas Edison broke the record of trying 1,000 times minus 1 before he could succeed. You can read his biography.

You think of committing suicide? Here is a man that refuses to take his own life ‘Abraham Lincoln’ This man eventually became the president of the United State because he chose not to quit.

Abraham Lincoln mother died 1809, Sister died 1828, Failed in business 1831, Fiancee died 1835, Nervous breakdown in 1836, Defeated in the US Congress in 1843, Father did  1851, Defeated US senate in 1855, Defeated vise president in 1856, Defeated US senate again in 1858.  

Despite all the challenges he faced he was elected as the president of the United State in 1860. A miracle right and did he commit suicide even if he might have made attempt or think about taking is own life? No, That’s how it works when you let go of committing suicide in your hard times.


How To Commit Suicide Painlessly

However, If you still feel you aren’t convinced enough to stop not commit suicide follow these steps to take your own life in a painless way.

  1. To commit suicide painlessly, go out and see a friends, persuade them to tell you their pain in life
  2. Visit the hospital to see if your case is worse enough to commit suicide
  3. Take a few more steps by visiting the mortuary, see if you are better off the dead 
  4. Go home, pray for forgiveness and say your last prayer. 
  5. Eat your best meal, then go to sleep, hopeful you don’t wake up. Then, you have commit suicide painlessly but if you do wake up again, know it is not your time to die, it means you have great things ahead of you.
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With my experience and reasons I have shared with you, I hurge you not to think think about suicide as an option. You are more valuable than you think and believe me.

There are people out there who are looking up to you as a mentor, this you may not know or know them but they are out there watching your next move. 

You should be proud of yourself, no matter the situation you find yourself in. Facing a lot of challenges does not mean you are weak but how strong you are, and to know this is to stay strong to overcome.

People may not praise you now, they may see you as a failure, until when you make you overcome they hail you and sing praises of your name. By this time you overcome your problems, you will be surprise that all this worry and thought to commit suicide even in a painless way will be forgotting.

Life is frustrating and hard, it will always feel like the whole world is against you, even the ones you love will fail you and the people you so much depend on will let you down.

You can chat with me if you need someone to talk to, I will be so glad to hear from you, or call the world emergency helpline and speak to someone today.

It always feels like the end of the world, the next thing that sets it is nothing but depression. The moment you have an encounter with depression, it is very easy to lose yourself to negative thinking such as commit suicide painlessly.

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