Monday Mood | Meaning good and Bad Feeling

Monday mood means two things, a good feeling to start a new week; for some, a bad feeling that the weekend is over with no vibe to start Monday.


What is Mood

Mood is defined by thefreedictionary to be a particular state of mind. Mood is an every changing feelings, a state of mind that reacts and aldo affect both physical or emotional actions.

Monday mood literally  means two things; good day or bad day  experience.

Monday feelings shows up in everyone’s reactions when approaching a new week.

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We all share from this experience, either a mood change for positive vibes to get the day going or a complete change, bad mood and emotional discharge that shows a person is not happy.

Most people feel no vibe on Monday, that is a mood that shows no positive signs of productivity or better result, Monday feelings can lead to mood swings or depression when people feel no vibe.


There are others who enjoy Monday, even when some are experiencing Monday blues. A bad energy that takes away the vibe, takes hold of other people’s feelings.

People usually struggle to overcome the Monday feelings especially when it comes with blues.


What Does Monday Mood Mean

 Monday feeling means an emotional discharge that shows if Monday will be a good day or a bad one.


Good And Bad Mood

The good feelings on Monday is a sign of positivity and I hope that the day will be great. In fact, the Monday feelings in some cases determine the success of the week.

To have a good feeling on Monday, it is advised to start with a Monday vibe. Monday vibe alone can make the best out of the week.


The bad Monday feeling is a feeling that most likely comes from Monday blues. The Monday blues can easily spoil your day, week or the whole month if you do not find a way to beat the Monday blues.

In a nutshell, keep in mind that the Monday mood literally means two things, which are the good and bad feelings. The bad feeling is caused by Monday blues, the good Monday mood is caused by Monday vibes.


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