24 Life Is Short Quotes That Alert The Mind

Life is short quotes inspires, guide and keep you on track whenever you feel you are in control of your life. Keeps you reminded that you own nothing of this world.

"At least every human attempts suicide each day they sleep. Life is short quotes, it's a gamble to see the next day."

As you think of making long term plans, achieving long term goals and accomplishing your dreams keep in mind that life is short.

All you have acquired in life aren’t for you, but for those who know not the pain you went through to achieve those things.


Do you have  great dreams? Keep it short because life is short.

Life is short; shortcut to success is not.

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Poor minded people never read life is short quotes because they know the aftermath.

Life is short don’t shut down early


Worry less, life is too short to worry about

Those who know life is short, learn to take a break when stressed.


Life is short, don’t chew more than what your stomach can take.

The irony remains, many people know that life is short but won’t admit.


Life is short; know this and know peace.

You can not give back all that life has given to you because life is short.

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Perhaps you may need to consider love for your family before other things because life is short to get involved in everything.

Life is short, People with good motives hardly last.


“At least every human attempts suicide each day they sleep. Life is short, it’s a gamble to see the next day.”

If you seem to enjoy life while you forget every other thing that matters, keep in mind that life is short.

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For every challenge you face keep in mind it will fade someday because life is short.

For everything you desire in life, keep track of life is short quotes as a guide.

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You can desire a lot of things, make plans for the future without knowledge about life is short quotes are a complete waste.

Fools keep everything to themselves, wise keep a few because they know life is short.


Spending on yourself is good but don’t forget others who have not benefited from life. Help others and know peace.

Never please others while you displease yourself, you  can easily lose your life and never be remembered.


Don’t worry about what you don’t have, instead manage what you have and increase its value. It is time wasting to pursue what is not.

Life Is Short, share your thoughts so others can learn.

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