Inquisitive Meaning | Simplified Definition

Inquisitive meaning is simply an act of curiosity, a show of interest in learning new things, and finding pleasure in asking a lot of questions.

Inquisitive means taking further steps to verify.

Inquisitive Definition

Inquisitive means a show of endless drive for knowledge, eagerness, urge in finding meaning to curious things.

Inquisitive Meaning Example

If I am often asking about something, it means I am inquisitive. But when I ask just ones and never ask about that thing or do not go further in doing extensive research about that which I am curious about, that doesn’t mean inquisitive.

When you are taught something in class but you are not totally satisfied with the conclusion, then you take a further step ahead of the class to make more findings about that particular thing you are taught, that is the definition of inquisitive.

What it means to be inquisitive is an act of sensitivity to information. Inquisitive means a quest, a task to get to the end point of a thing without fail no matter how hard it may be.

When curiosity is an act of doubt to question WHY, WHAT and HOW a thing ceases to occur. On the other hand, Inquisitive means taking further steps to verify.

How Inquisitive Helps

Asking too many questions to get to the bottom line or end of a result  means you are inquisitive. Being inquisitive is good when it does not in any way affect others. Inquisitiveness is bad if it does affect others, like causing distraction or when questions become unpleasant.


There are ways to take advantage of being inquisitive or being curious as curiosity helps in succeeding, yes it does if you know how to take advantage of being curious and being inquisitive to your advantage.

Inquisitive Meaning

Inquisitive means action to seek knowledge, to know what it is that it is to be known by asking a lot of questions to get satisfactory information. Taking further steps to verify its inquisitive meaning.


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