How To Reduce Curiosity Below Average

A curious person will never get satisfied, a person who is not satisfied is likely to fall into traps and damage, that is more reason why one needs to reduce curiosity at a point in time.

You can kill curiosity if you can reduce curiosity, as soon as you stop asking people but instead ask the web, watching documentaries will help as well as going for a tour, adapting to reading, while you have to admit you can know many things but not everything.

People get tired of questions and who claim they don’t get irritated when you keep asking almost the same or similar question over and over are only doing that because they want you to reduce your curiosity but do not know how to tell you.

The effect of curiosity is being inquisitive. When eager to know sometime and never satisfied at what answer you get makes you want more and more detail about that which you are curious about.

The higher you get curious about a thing, the intense pressure to ask more questions increases, this results in being inquisitive.

My Inquisitive Life And How I Manage My Curiosity

I am a victim of inquisitiveness, as a result of not being able to reduce curiosity. I just want to know almost everything that seems interesting to me but boring to others; well that I don’t care about.

When people are after how to make money from something, I am always on the opposite, instead I get curious about what makes that very thing make money for people.

I observe people do not know ‘how something is made’, rather they are always after how that thing can benefit them. This is one problem of the world and why many underdeveloped nations strive to develop.

I call it greed. We use a lot of things developed by other people, but we rarely ask ‘how is it made’.

I love that TV show on the discovery family ‘How It Is Made’ That show is majorly for curious people who are not fixed in mindset but rather find all means to constantly grow by learning new things that evolve.

It is good to be curious because it is the best way to solve world problems. The world has become so successful not for our daily activities or how hardworking we are, but that the curious ones make it a success.

Great people like Thomas Edison who invented the ‘electric power generator’,  after trying Nine hundred and ninety nine times before success, he then invented the mass communication, sound recorder and motion picture out of curiosity.

Tim Berners-Lee and Robet Caillia ‘who were curious that the internet needed something more physical to connect the world together after which they created (World Wide Web)  now called Web. Joseph Swan who created the ‘light bulb’ and many more inventors who did exploits out of curiosity.

Though, curiosity is important for success but at some point we have to reduce our level of curiosity or better still find other alternatives to successful information we are curious about, just to be on a safe side.

Nevertheless, the effect of curiosity on the other hand has led so many to their downfall, become a victim of awful circumstances and has even led many to their early grave, here is what makes curiosity considered harmful.

As I have made mention earlier, I have always been a curious person which I have never for once regretted. The only time I feel bad about my curious life is when I get no more answers from the people I believe or depend on to give me the information I needed.

That urge to get more and more without reaching the peak of satisfaction is the problem of a curious person which has to be reduced.

How To Reduce Curiosity

There is no proven way on how to kill curiousity completely  but curiosity can be reduced to a certain considerable percentage.

You can kill curiosity if you can reduce curiosity, as soon as you stop asking people but instead ask the web, watching documentaries will help as well as going for a tour, adapting to reading, while you have to admit you can know many things but not everything.

1. Stop asking people: Humans will always complicate issues, even when they do not know. Most people will want to impress you by claiming to know something which they have little or no idea about. Many others take advantage of your curiosity by giving you answers that will increase rather than reduce curiosity by providing irrelevant information instead of providing a straightforward answer.

2. Ask the web: For me, I have personally shifted my attention away from people and put more focus on asking the web to reduce curiosity. I spend a good amount of time on the internet not for no other reason but to research and get answers to reduce my curiosity about things I lack knowledge or do not have enough knowledge of.

The good thing about the web is that it does not get tired, irritated and bored of your questions as humans, the web will reduce curiosity as long as it provides endless and meaningful information.

The web is curious about you as you are curious about information; have you observed when you ask a question on search engine it return a similar queries related to the question you want answer to such as ‘People also search for’, ‘related searches’ and more. To reduce curiosity is to make use of the search engine to get answers to questions you are curious about.

3. Watch discoveries and documentaries: There are so many TV programs you can watch to reduce curiosity. I am a fan of ‘How It Made’ shown on the discovery channel on DSTV, I love discoveries on animals as well, so I choose Nat Geo Wild. If I need other information related to science, tech and internet, social and climate change I watch TED videos or visit their website. With this I reduce curiosity in over 70% .because I get answers.

4. Adapt to reading: If you are a curious person and you do not love reading, never think of killing your curiosity nor reduce curiosity because it won’t work. I am no fan of reading but when I am curious I discovered I am a good reader. Like it or not, you have to be a good reader to reduce curiosity.

5. Go for a tour: Sometimes, surfing the web, watching videos won’t just be enough to reduce that curiosity in you. You may need to set out and go for a long tour. Visit places and see how things are, hear  from experts, know legends and learning from wild and wide experiences will help reduce curiosity.

6. You can not know all things:  Know this and know peace. This should at this point reduce your drive to knowing everything. ‘You can not give life what it has given you’ Life is too short to do that, neither can you know everything that you desire to know, because 1. Everything keeps changing. 2. You can not know beyond what you can know. As we speak, scientists and researchers are yet to know a lot of things about the world, since human existence.

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