How To Be Successful In 19 Easy Steps

Year in and out, the quest to become successful keeps rumbling in the heart of many who know what success means, yet many people do not know how to get there.

Keep in mind; you have to experience failure before you can get hold of success.- failure is nothing but experience gained the hard way.

It is easier to say I want to be successful but difficult to take actions, you may have found ways on how to be successful, but without this guide, the success rate is slim.


Why Success And Failure are Inseparable

Till you know that success and failure are inseparable, just as light depends on darkness to shine. – if there is no darkness we can not feel the importance of light, the same applies to success and failure, if there is no failure we can not know what it takes to succeed.

It is of no doubt that many people have tried several means to be successful, some have even taken shortcuts that do not make them know peace eventually. In fact so many people have gambled with their lives just because they want to be successful.

If you do not know how to be successful but instead you follow the footsteps of others who you do not know how they made their success. It’s likely you end up shooting yourself at the leg.


One Step at A Time

No need to rush. People who really want to succeed will first know the right steps on ‘how to be successful’ before taking a step further in the quest of becoming successful.


Follow You Own Path To Success

Let’s forget the likes of successful people that you know, take them aside and follow your own path to success. Keep in mind that everyone has their own uniqueness, following other people’s footsteps might just be a waste of time and resources.


Running In Circles

So many people have done this but yet find themselves running in circles – This simply means no matter how far they have gone and how close they feel they are to success, they end up finding themselves in the same spot over and over again.

I know you do not want this for yourself nor do you want to take fruitless risk. Nevertheless, if you have taken such a step, keep in mind that you have tried but shouldn’t get tired. ‘There is hope for those who still catch their breaths’


Steps On How To Be Successful

If you have tried to be successful but failed, it is time to try again but this time, you need to  understand some crucial steps on how to be successful.

1. Build your mindset on success: Success is a mindset thing, your mind is your greatest weapon to fight against failure. If your mind fails you, it means you’ve failed yourself .However, keep in mind that people with a fixed mindset will never grow even when they know how to be successful.

2. Prepare for failure: Nothing is perfect, so as the road to success isn’t. Life is full of ups and downs. It is yours to prepare for and not against failure because no matter how you try to prevent it, failure has its way of showing up. Like I said earlier, success and failure are inseparable, you just have to prepare for it.

3. Learn your lesson: When you fail, give yourself time, sober, get angry at yourself for sometime, this will put your mind to the task to reflect on possibilities. With time your anger for failure will diminish and  pass, at this time you have to learn your lessons from your past mistakes. – Make sure you learn to adjust.

4. Learn to persevere: Keep pushing, pull and push harder. To be successful is like rolling a large stone while climbing to the top of a hill. You just need to persevere and keep pushing if you want to succeed. – Note that ‘no one will do it for you but yourself’.

Understand your kind of person: If success does not come by luck which is very rare. Then it requires you to know yourself. Devoting yourself to know the kind of person you are is a lifetime investment that can make you a fortune, if you get it right.

Everything else becomes simple the moment you know yourself. – By knowing what exactly you are good at, what gives you joy, what it is you are passionate about, is a top class advantage to be successful.

6. Know your niche: After you might have known your kind of person, it is then important to know the category or niche you belong .For instance if you find passion in singing then it is possible you become a successful musician. If you love traveling, then it is possible you become a tourist expert, a journalist or even more.

7. Set goals: Make a plan to meet up with your target. Do not let procrastination get into you. People who procrastinate do find it hard to succeed. They may be good at what they do, but because they fail to understand the damage procrastination can cause their life, it makes them feel too relaxed about everything.

8. Have a to-do list: One way to avoid procrastinating and get really close to success is by disciplining yourself with a To-Do list. To be successful, you need to follow every single plan on your list, it shows a good power force of determination and self discipline.

9. Take failure as progress: Most people give up the moment they tried and failed the first, second and maybe the third time. In fact many people do not understand that patience is virtue; so many people do not have that patience to try the second time before they give up.

To be successful is to understand that ‘failure is nothing but experience gained the hard way’. If you take a close look at what you have failed at, you will realise that it only shows you your weakness and where to improve on.

10. Never take formal education as primary: You can make formal education primarily in the UK, USA, France, Canada and any other part of the world because it has value. But do not try that in African continent you are likely to regret your action as the rate of unemployment increases, yet there is little or nothing done about it.

Instead, If you want to be successful, I strongly advise to focus on self education. A process of teaching yourself  a skill that can make you money rather than depending on a certificate that doesn’t look promising to give you a future. However, that does not mean you should not go to school, you only need to make it secondary or an alternative.

11. Know people: No matter how talented or skilled or educated you are, to be successful requires knowing people. Know people, who know people that know people who can connect you with people that are interested in your success. This is just a simple way to be successful.

12. Have a long time investment: You do not need to have so much to invest, as the word implies ‘investment’ This is a way of putting a little into some sort of business and making it yield over the year or years.


 There are four ways to invest; To Be Successful – According To Me

1. you can choose to invest in yourself by learning valuable skills both online and offline, it could be a skill you have to learn for years.

2. You can invest in people, by training others about what you know and wait for a pay back in the future.

3. You can invest in your family or children by spending most of your valuable resources on them and ripe when your children bring it back to you.

 4. You can invest in your resources by investing your money on physical or online business.

Have a side hustle: Success doesn’t just happen, it requires risk, patience, perseverance and sacrifice. At some point your work, job or business will not be sufficient enough to have a good standard of living, as bills keep coming in. 

To maintain a good balance in your income and expenditure, you need to have a side hustle, a side business that can make you extra cash, this will make you manage a life to be successful. If you have no idea of any business to start, here are some good side hustle business ideas you can start today.

13. Believe in yourself: Success won’t work if you do not have the courage to believe in yourself. You are the only one that can make it happen. Every other advice from people or me is just a bonus. We can not help you to be successful, unless you believe in yourself.

14. Be patient: Nothing good comes easy, even to write this post is something that requires a lot of time, brainstorming, energy burn out and research. I learnt the hard way to find rhythm to my passion for success.

At some point I lost motivation and could only find the slightest idea to bring myself backup. I have to understand that patience plays a great role when it comes to success.

15. Leave no chances: When opportunities come, take it, if you find another take it again, do not leave one because you have taken the other. Keep hitting at your aim and never leave no chances. Any little  opening is a lost opportunity that may never be regained, know how to strike at every opportunity and give no room for relentless.

16. Be with the right people: The people you associate yourself with plays a very big part in your journey to become successful. ‘Keep the wrong friend and never experience growth, keep the right people and experience change’.

Great people push you to greatness, be with people who ask about your progress and not after you downfall, people who can buy your ideas, product or services you render and not the opposite.

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17. Understanding the masses is the source of wealth: This is hard to say but I will say it for the sake of you who want to know how to be successful. To make money is to know how to take advantage of people. Do you know why the rich become richer and the poor becomes poorer?

There are no two ways around, it is simply because the rich know the poor is the source of wealth, they never show the (masses) the way to become successful – If the rich make the poor rich, who will do the dirty job? Think about it. That’s a lesson for another day.

18. Make use of curiosity: Do you know the world became a better place because of human curiosity? The philosophy to wonder about what, when and how things evolve. 

The likes of bill gate, Thomas Edison, Socrates, Aristotle the founder of biology, Alexandra the great, Steve Jobs, Elion mos and others made success possible out of curiosity. Count it as an advantage to be successful if you are a curious person. However it is important to stop being curious if it is giving you a bad experience or perhaps reduce your curiosity


19. Use the power of tiny gain: To round things up, I want you to know that success doesn’t just happen overnight, even for those who claim they are smart aren’t getting rich. It is important to know that success takes time. It comes little and multiples in time. You can not become successful of a sudden, it requires the power of tiny gain, this is a role many people who fail, failed to follow. Success takes time but you can be sure of becoming successful if you strictly follow the steps.

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