How Is Procrastination a Disease For The Lazy

If you think procrastination is a disease for the lazy, you are not completely wrong because lazy people who procrastinate find it hard to beat the disease.

Procrastination is a disease for the lazy the moment it becomes an addiction.

When a hardworking person procrastinates, and also a lazy person procrastinates it does not mean both of them are procrastinators.

A hard working person can procrastinate due to lack of time, deliberately leaving the task for next time with a good reason.

That does not mean that procrastination is a disease for everyone who procrastinates but more of an addictive lazy behaviour that withheld lazy people from doing things at the right time.

80% off people procrastinate at least 1hour a day which sounds like everyone procrastinates according to the medium study.

Being aware of you being a procrastinator is an advantage to stop procrastinating, but not conscious of you being a procrastinator is deadly as a disease that ruins a life without warning.


What Is Procrastination

Procrastination is an act of procrastinating, a continuous act of laziness, reluctant behaviour to get something done at the right time.

Procrastination is a psychological behaviour that tricks the mind to feel that postponing a task is the best option to gain satisfaction, while putting you in a rush at the last minute.


What Procrastinating Means

Procrastinating simply means the act of postponing things repeatedly until it becomes a problem most especially shifting important things to the next time. It makes you pile up work or tasks that ought to be done easily  by making it complex due to reluctance.


Why Do People Procrastinate

When people procrastinate, it is either they do not have time to carry out a task, while learning it till the last minute. or just too lazy to get things done mostly by extending and postponing tasks until it lasts minutes.

At one time of our lives, we have all procrastinated, either consciously or subconscious, as we do not have enough time to get things done while leaving it till die minutes or  feels lazy to get something done, feeling relax postponing it to another day, and another day and on and on till it becomes something we need to rush in last minutes.

Is Procrastination a Disease

Yes. Procrastination is a disease that kills potentials, making you ignorant of the fact that a thing is more important than others.

Procrastination is a disease that kills in silence just like hepatitis B virus stays in the human body without being aware until it has caused a handful of damage to the liver.

Procrastination is a disease that stays in the body for a longtime without you being aware it’s killing you.

Procrastination is a disease, a psychological disorder that disorganized human activities, makes you feel you are doing the right thing while completely doing the opposite.

Many people do not see procrastination as harmful until it has become an addiction or ruins their lives.


How Procrastination Turns a Disease For The Lazy

Most people who procrastinate never accept nor think of adjusting to this lazy behaviour, until it becomes a problem

If you are lucky to know you procrastinate, then you are halfway solving the problem of procrastinating, but if you aren’t that lucky to dictate early enough that you procrastinate, then procrastination becomes a disease that threatens career and life.

As it will keep holding, slowing a procrastinator down to achieve success or complete a task at the right time, instead it rushes a person to get a task down at the last minute leaving no time to correct errors and mistakes.

Continuing repeating this act is deadly and can cause great harm to a person’s career, future or life, as procrastination becomes a disease most especially for the lazy.

Is Procrastination a Disease For The Lazy

Procrastination is a disease if it becomes addictive, it is a sign of laziness. A lazy person procrastinates intentionally and deliberately, because he is too lazy to get a task done. This makes procrastination a disease for the lazy.

To procrastinate does mean laziness. In a general sense, a procrastinator isn’t in all cases a lazy person, a hardworking person can procrastinate as well, but a lazy person will always procrastinate, making procrastination a disease for the lazy because it has become a part of them.

Procrastination is a psychological disorder that makes people put off important tasks until the last minutes. This makes a procrastinator rush at the last minute to finish up an abandoned task.

If you think of procrastination as a disease for the lazy you are not wrong, a lazy person should never procrastinate, as it is like enhancing an unsolved problem. Procrastination makes things more complicated for lazy people, most especially for people who aren’t aware of being a procrastinator.

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