35 Motivational Inspirational Quotes For Women

Inspirational quotes for women: Every good turn deserves another, be inspired with some inspirational quotes for women if you feel you have lost motivation.

Inspirational Quotes For Women:The sacrifice I make is beyond comprehension, I do so because I believe in myself as a woman

1. “The only thing that can truly motivate you is you, it takes inspiration quotes for women to stay inspired.”

2. “I face a lot of challenges but I know one thing for sure, I will overcome.”

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3. “You are woman, you are the salt of the world.”

4. “You may look down on me but never will I look down on myself.”

5. “You are filled with power to inspire the world. – The power God gave women is to inspire.”

6. “There can be no men without women.”

7. “Women are the right hand – Trace every successful men, it has women touches in it.”

8. “I may not be the best you want me to be, but I am the best of my kind.”

9. “There is no reason why men work so hard if not to impress the women.”

10. “Choose not to be controlled by anyone nor my society”

11. “I am here because I am equal to the same right as you are.”

12. “Justice should be saved by equality no matter the gender.”

13. “I love to grow to be as great as ever.”

14. “Everything should have its place just like the world has it.”

15. “I will never stoop so low because I am a female”.

16. “The right you have applies to mine. We should be all equal with no measures.”

17. “Respect is what differentiates between pride and loyalty.”

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18. “I will forever be loyal to the one who loves me for who I am.”

19. “If they can crush the mountains, I can swim the oceans.- This is a sign of possibilities.”

20. “Focus on your dreams and do not let anyone tell you what to do when it comes to ambition.”

21. “I am proud of myself because I am strong because I am a woman.”

22. “The sacrifice I make is beyond comprehension, I do so because I believe in myself as a woman.”

23. “I rather keep to my words and stand by it, than be controlled by those who know nothing about my pain.”

24. “Only a woman knows her pain; most people who claims they share a part only do so  to their advantage.”

25. “Being a woman is an advantage that rarely comes.”

26. “Dignity makes woman a virtue.”

27. “Life is too short, enjoy the moment while it lasts.”

28. “Don’t let anyone steal your happiness, if they do get another – Happiness is free.”

29. “It’s always difficult to work things out as a woman but you can and you will.”

30. “Nothing is more powerful than inspired women joining hands together.”

31. “Fear nothing but women who are in unity.”

32. “If women decide to take action, no one can stand their way.”

33. “The strongest are the silent ones.”

34. “The braves are the ones who you call inferior, their strength lies within them.”

35. “I refuse to be angry. That is for brave women.”

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