Short Moral Story: Near Algodones

Short moral story of a thief named James Franco, famous for the “First time meme” in the a short story – Near Algodone.



Short Moral Story – Near Algodone.

 First time? An unknown man on the gallows asks a crying man “First time? “

An unknown thief went to rob a bank in a scanty town. The bank is owned by the Mexican people who lived there.

At that time, there was only one person who volunteered to be the cashier, the accountant, the manager and also the security officer.

Getting to the bank, the thief was worried about how there could be easy access to a bank, as he got in and met just one person in the whole bank who claimed to be  the cashier.

The cashier was a corny but brave man.  The thief was frustrated to ask if no one had come rob the bank before, the cashier said ‘yes they have but he killed them all’.

Actually the thief won’t believe that because the man who claims to kill them all doesn’t look tough, looks like someone who could not hurt a fly as his appearance does not look as such.

Well, the thief made up his mind, brought out his gun, then instructed the cashier to raise his hands, then bring all the money there was in the safe.

The cashier said ‘okay’, but told him the money is down under the table, that he would have to bend below to take them.

The thief permitted him to bring it out from there, shockingly to the thief’s surprise, the cashier shot at him three times but he missed, so he fled through the back door.

The thief went to the safe and packed all the money, but when he was about to leave, the cashier shot at him again, this time he (cashier) was putting a pot on his head, and many other steel pots on his chest and legs as bulletproof.

He faced the thief rifle to rifle with no fear, surprisingly the bullet which the thief shot at him hit him but could not penetrate through the steel. He shot until the thief was out of bullets and was arrested.

The Thief Escape Death

He was about to be hanged on a tree before the Indians came to invade, attacked and killed all who were there to persecute him, except the thief who was tied to a tree, suspended upon a horse, that if the horse would move away beneath him, he would die by hanging.

Shortly after the Indians left him with his fate, He saw someone from afar and called for help. He was helped but little did he know his death wasn’t far from him.

The Second Death

The Mexican came and took him before he could escape, they again served him death by hanging .

While he was on the gallows with three other men, then he asked one of them who was crying. ‘First time?’, – (Like the first time to die by hanging? He meant)

The rope was suspended and then he died.

Take away fact: Do you know there was a man who survived death by hanging. Jahn Babbacombe Lee – The man they couldn’t hangThe man they couldn’t hang . The man who had survived three attempts at hanging before he was then given life in imprisonment. He died at the age of 80.

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Moral of the short story

You make attempt to die each day you wake to see the next day. Why the fear to die.

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