Next Monday Meaning

Next Monday simply means seven days after the previous Monday. You know the next Monday meaning by counting seven days in advance from the previous Monday, you will get the next Monday meaning.


Next Monday simply means seven days after the previous Monday.

It is surprising that many people do not know what next Monday means. Yet they could not find the best words that can give the right expression to next Monday being the first day of the week according to timeanddate.


How I got The Meaning of Next Monday Wrong

I was once confused about the meaning of next Monday. So, practically I was most likely in your shoes to dig out for what next Monday means.

I searched the web just like you are doing right now because I was so curious, though I know being too curious could be a bad idea, but I know how to stop being curious, yet couldn’t find a concrete and more expression to what next Monday means.

I remembered there was a day when I was told ‘let’s see next Monday’, what first came to my mind was ‘next Monday’ was a place to meet. It came as an embarrassment to me, when I asked where next Monday is? then people start laughing at me.

That was when I knew I had messed things up.


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Examples And Illustration Of Next Monday Meaning

When a person says next Monday, it means coming Monday.

Next Monday can also mean, seven days from the present Monday or seven days after the previous Monday.

For instance; If a person says ‘I will pay you next Monday’, it means he will pay after seven days from the previous Monday.

You may be with your friends and they say let’s shift the meeting to next Monday, this simply means the meeting will not hold until seven days after the previous Monday.

It is quite simple to understand what this means. All you have to do anytime you hear someone say next Monday is to count seven days from the previous Monday of that week to next week Monday.

How Next Monday Should Be Calculated

Let’s assume we are on Monday and we want to know when is the next Monday. You simply count seven days ahead that is 1. Tuesday, 2. Wednesday, 3. Thursday, 4. Friday, 5. Saturday, 6. Sunday and 7. which is next Monday.

Note that to get the right meaning to what next Monday means, you start counting seven days ahead while omitting the present day .

Also note that, if you are in any of the days aside Monday and you are told next Monday. All you need to do is count the days from the present day till you get to Monday, that is simply the next Monday.

If you are own Wednesday – begin counting seven days upfront starting from Thursday

If you are on Thursday – begin counting seven days upfront, starting from Friday – This is how to get the next Monday meaning.

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