How To Use Smartphone Productively

Thoughts on how you can make the best out of your smartphone shows that you have in one way or the other feel there is an additional advantage you can benefit from your device instead of messaging, chatting and receiving calls. Best bet is to know how to use smartphone productively.

Make your smartphone productive by learning an online skill today.

This is a great leap you have taken, which I greatly applaud you for, as not all persons understand that their smartphones can be productive.


How To Make The Best Out Of Your Mobile Phone

The good news is that you have an edge and an advantage, as you can easily make your smartphone make money for you right from your home. This is not just a mouth say because I have tried it and it works.

So, it is time to get your phone working for money instead of just for chatting and calls. It is also time to DELETE unnecessary apps and junk on your phone that can slow you down, or don’t you know that a slow phone is a frustrating phone, especially when trying to meet up a task or making money online.

But if you are using a flagship device then you are on a safer side and good to go to use your smartphone productively because flagship devices are powerful in multitasking as they have a good amount of RAM and ROM to power up smartphones without lagging.

Though, flagship smartphones might sound better to buy but here is Micky who gives reasons to get a mid range over flagship smartphones.

The reasons given by Micky might be genuine, but there is a need to know the difference between these two,  gsmarena debated on flagship vs mid range smartphones.


Be it a mid range or flagship device, here is how to use your smartphone productively.

1. Use your smartphone as Learning tool 
2. Sell a products
3. Make money online with your smartphone
4. Connect with the right people
5. Make it your secondary classroom

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1. Use your smartphone as Learning tool: The world is gradually shifting from physical to online learning. In fact the internet produces numerous information to consume than having a physically inconsistent person to teach you. Another advantage is that most of these online courses are free while others are paid. You can try Udemy to learn a course.

2. Sell a products: Renting a shop or an office is more expensive than having your produce online, this is where you take advantage of your smartphone productively. Sell your product online and meet countless numbers of customers.

3. Make money online with your smartphone: Your phone is enough to make you money as a side hustle, all you need is how to make your phone productive.  Becoming a freelancer and getting a job done for people is enough to make you earn with your smartphone.

4. Connect with the right people: Don’t just use your phone for posting irrelevant pictures, or viewing peoples videos and commenting on irrelevant topics. Your phone is so powerful that it can connect you with people around the world and who knows, you might be lucky to meet a lifesaver.

5. Make it your secondary classroom: Your smartphone can teach you a lot with the power of the internet when you make it your secondary classroom, this is most applicable for students who need information and research. There are trillions of information online which you can learn from with your smartphone.

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