How To Get a Job Experience With No Experience

People find it difficult to get a job these days because they have no experience about the job nor do they have any experience at all.

Get a Job With No Experience By Learning A Skill


Having no job experience is a struggle that has led so many potential, talented, brilliant, innovative young minds to engage in violent and fraudulent activities.

It is a pain for me because I know how it feels, I have been there and I know getting a job with no experience is just like dreams that vanish as soon as you wake up.

I have seen young adults struggle so hard to survive not because they aren’t educated, but because they fail to gain experience before and after school.

This is most likely to happen to students who just graduated from school, hoping their certificate and qualification can help them earn a living outside the four corners of the school. – It always ends up to be a tale.

It is sad to say, having the mindset to get a job with no experience is a complete failure, as schools will never give you the right qualities nor will they train you in that part.

As they say ‘school will never teach you how to make money’ Experience will.

Neither will they teach you how to gain experience. Many are left in a dilemma after spending so many years, money and resources in school.

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Before we go into details on how to get a job experience with no experience at all. I will like to share my experience and how I overcame joblessness.


The path I took to get myself a  job with no work experience wasn’t a smooth road but it was certainly a success that I am proud of right now and I want you to gain from how I turn no job experience into a standard working class.

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I was hoping to get a job after I graduated from the university but I couldn’t. Securing a job on its own was war, as the rate of unemployment was so high in my country.

While battling with that, I realized my Resume was trash as I have nothing reasonable nor valuable to add to my CV other than a bunch of silly, non valuable experiences.

I wasn’t proud of this, neither was I proud of may certificate that could not return my effort after 4years spend in school. – my hope was almost lost.


My Course Didn’t Match The System

If it was that my discipline was kind of common related jobs out there, perhaps it would have been better, but I studied PHILOSOPHY. A course that has promise but staggering to survive in West Africa.

It was like I was doomed, Though I am very proud of my discipline but there is no way I could show the world.

Only few organizations will want a philosopher in their department and any one you manage to find is already filled.

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Lesson To Learn Before Securing a Job With No Experience

1. I started by brainstorming on how to get experience without a job. Then I realise that the system of the world has drastically taken a different approach to secure a job even without experience.

2. I realise what company and people in general need isn’t your qualification  but the value you can offer.

3. I also get to understand that solving problems is the easiest way to make money even without a job.

4. The bitter truth is I find all means to make a living, the only way I got to make money was by employing myself.

5  I noticed that qualification is secondary but skills you acquire and how you tend to manage it to survive is primary.

6. I then did a voluntary job ( free job without pay), just to keep myself more busy, at the same time gather experience.

7. Experience seems to be the best teacher of all time – a lesson I learnt the hard way.

8. People aren’t concerned about how many times you have tried or failed but they are more acquainted with your success rate.


Here is the list to follow on how to get a job with no experience.

1. Brainstorm

2.  Create values

3. Solve a problem

4. Employ yourself

5. Learn a skill

6. Gain some experience

7. Voluntary job

8. Success rate

1. Brainstorm: You have no job, this should give you enough time to brainstorm, to think of what are the possible ways to make money with no experience at all. There is a saying that ‘one of the difficult things to do in life is to think for yourself, not just think but think right about how to create values’.  

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2.  Create values: To get a job with no experience requires possessing  some values. There are several things you can build yourself around to create values.

This value should be what people will be willing to pay for. Do not forget, value is worth and worth is money. When people see you are valuable they scale your worth.


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3. Solve a problem: There are hundreds of thousand problems currently that need to be solved. These problems are not far-fetched, they are around you. You’re responsible to solve one of these problems. Getting a job will be easy only if you can maximize this opportunity to your advantage. Find a problem and solve it.

4. Employ yourself: Like me, I ventured more into the internet world. I observed that people needed a trustworthy person they could get cheaper internet data from to browse the net. I provided the solution and this was how I made my mark. I got myself a job by employing myself, becoming my own boss. You can become your own boss as well if you follow the right process.

5. Learn a skill: One thing to keep in mind if you want to get a job with no experience is to commit yourself to learning a skill, this is more reason why self education is important.

You have to make up your mind to learn a skill and when learning be sure you learn something you are passionate about. However there are other Business ideas to make more money online and offline.

6. Gain some experience: As I have made mention earlier, experience is the best teacher. It trains you to adapt to the flow, learn from mistakes the hard way and at the same time make you gather endless knowledge that will make you standout and unbeatable.

Gaining experience will boost your experience in job hunting, you can in this vain turn your vendor to a customer if you follow the right process.

7. Voluntary job: At some point, you may have to go to companies related to your profession, tell them you want to offer a free service just to gain experience. This may look stupid but yet one of the best thing to do securing a job with no experience.

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8. Success rate: As I have made mention above, people are less concerned about how many times you have failed but more inclined with your success rate.

If you decide to call yourself a loser because you make some mistakes or error in your journey to get a job without any experience, without you trying all means to make corrections then you remain a loser.

We are all bound to make mistakes at some point, human error is inevitable but when you make mistakes know how to clear your shit by understanding human error.

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