8 Monday Blues Difficulties You Are Likely To Face

You can not get rid of Monday blues with a weak mind. A weak mind is that which is bittered, sorrowful, confused, troubled, depressed, oppressed, intimidated, bullied, sad.

If you aren’t strong minded enough you are likely to fail in beating the Monday blues difficulties that comes your way.

A weak mind can not get rid of the monday blues.

The moment you start to feel any of the above weaknesses then it will be difficult to get rid of Monday blues.


Monday Blues Is Unpredictable

However, keep in mind that Monday blues can show up at any time, especially when  you are not in the right state of mind, meaning when your mind is troubled.

Monday blues is one of many reasons why you are finding it hard to move forward in life. It might just be an obstacle in disguise you pay less attention to.

Nevertheless, there are several ways to beat the Monday blue; you can either  start with ways to beat the morning blue before tackling the Monday blues itself. Though, Monday blues are most likely to show up on a Monday morning.


When You Should Fight Back

It is easier to detect on time of what you are dealing with before it gets too difficult to handle. Knowing some of the Monday blues facts has the potentials to help get rid of Monday blues as well.


Notwithstanding, Monday blues could be extremely difficult to beat if you are challenged with the following:

1. You find it hard to forgive your past: As stated above, it will be very difficult to beat the blues when you are weak minded. One of the symptoms of a weak minded person is not being able to forgive the past. The past will always hunt you down, if you do not let go of it.

2. Not comfortable with your work: Monday blues will be difficult to get rid of, if you are not comfortable, happy or encouraged with your job or work flow. It is a happy heart that does things right, a bitter heart will always experience the blues.

3. Easily develop emotional upset: If you are someone who quickly develops mood swings and do not know how to get over it, then you are prone to Monday blues. Best bet is to find ways to get over emotional upset.

4. Easily get offended: A temperamental person will always get offended easily, this shows the level at which the mind is weak, Being able to control your temperament can help beat the morning blues.

5. High expectant: Expecting too much in return is a bad way of life, because even life itself can fail, so why expect too much from a thing and later feel bittered for doing so. Anybody who expects too has a high tendency to experience the Monday blues and yet will find it hard to get rid of it.

6. Monday Anxiety:This is one of the major causes of Monday blues, and not being able to control anxiety might lead to depression which could weaken the mind to fight against the blues on Monday.

7. Failure to control emotions: We have narrowed the difficulty to getting rid of the Monday blues down to having a weak mind, which is a result of emotional state of mind. Failure to control one’s emotion is failure to beat the Monday blues.

8. Loss of Motivation: Another reason why you could fail in beating the Monday blues is lack of encouragement. By nature, anything that gives return encourages, but when we keep on doing something and do not find good return can lead to loss of motivation which can be regained. 

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