8 Crucial Things Scammers Look Out For Before Scamming

Even a scammer can be scammed, there is nothing impossible underneath the sun, we just need to be extra careful by knowing things scammers look out for before scamming.

at scammers look out for in you before making a scam attempt.

How To Stop Being Scammed

Anyone can be scammed, no matter how wise or knowledgeable you think you are, when it is the appropriate time to get scammed you will.

You might have by chance or luck escape being scam, this may make you think you are wise or smart but that is not the case. So far no man is an island when it comes to knowledge, then anyone can be a victim of scam.



Desperate, Confused Or Both

You might be wondering why you are once a victim of scam, or frequently being scam, or how you become a victim. The reason why you are vulnerable to scam, is either you are desperate, confused or both.


The Weak State Of Mind

Scamming is a mental trick people use against novice, especially people who are weak minded, primitive, or with fixed mindset, that is people who do not wish to grow in knowledge, people who kind they know all or people who naturally lack knowledge.

These people hardly believe in possibilities, they stick to the notion that not everything is possible. They reject the possibilities of new ideas and science. The problem with this kind of people is that they will always become a victim of scam so far they reject the power of possibilities and learning new things.


Potential Things Scammers Look Out For

There are some many things scammers look out for in a person before they proceed in their scamming process. After they might have checked how desperate, confused you are or both, they then check what to scam you of. It is either you are about to be scammed of your relationship, value or both.

Being scammed of value can be categorized into resources such as money, wealth and many more. However, here are crucial things scammers look out for in you before scamming

1. Desperate to make money: I made mention of being desperate as a way of being vulnerable to scamming , a scammer will always look at how eager you need money and how easy you want to make money.

They quickly get into you if they sense you are having an urge of making money; either you want to make easy money, money you did little or nothing to make, sudden wealth and all, these are what scammers look out for.

2. Desperate fine true love: Scammers look out for every opportunity to scam you, that means, you can be scammed of your relationship. Being scammed of a relationship isn’t about love alone but also more of being ignorant of keeping fake friends who disguise just to use you to their advantage, Nevertheless, being desperate and confused about finding true love can also land you into a scammers hand.

3. Awaiting spiritual answers: Religion and spiritualism can not be taken away from the human race. So many people are so attached to spiritual lifestyle while they forget to make use of common sense. Not everything that looks spiritual needs spiritual attention or answer, the solution could only be to reason and look for a solution.

Spiritual answers have led many people into being victims of scam, as many honor their spiritual leaders more than themselves or their parents, If you need to glimpse more knowledge about spirituality then take a moment to check Conspiracy in methodology.

4. Confused about politics: many people are being brainwashed about choosing the right representatives to govern them. Most especially in African countries, so many candidates are filled with false promises just to get to the post. Most of these politicians are nothing but scams who take their time to look for people’s weakness, like how primitive or civilized you are about polities and also the poverty level.

5. Hunger and poverty: One of the major things scammers look out for before scamming a person is figuring out how rich or poor a person is, when you are poor it gives them a greater advantage over you, they know “a hungry man is an angry man” who can do almost anything risky and stupid to making money.

6. Desperate about education: In this era of internet and technology, education should not be something that should freak anyone again. Most especially countries who value education less, create no job employment. In Nigeria, they say youths are the leaders of tomorrow, yet no youth has been a leader since she gained her independence in 1960. The youth spoke up after 60th years of  being governed by corrupt leadership, which one of the movements before then was Our Voice Must Be Heard, still they turned a deaf ear, killing the youths in masaka at the lekki toll gate during the peaceful protest.

7. Self centered and greed: A scammer looks out for greedy and self centred people. Someone who wants everything to be there without considering other people’s interest.

8. Person with a free heart: It is painful and also shameful that the wrong people are always a victim of scam. Scammers look out for people with a good heart, a free giver not out of abundance but out of sacrifice. If you have a good heart to give and yet are being scammed during the right thing, I urge you not to stop what you know how to do best, only God can reward your effort in due time.

Now you know what scammers look out for in you before scamming, stop your loved ones from being scammed by sharing this post.

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