20 Strength Quotes That Will Inspire You

Physical strength isn’t enough to overcome life challenges, mental strength helps more starting with strength quotes that inspires.

The more strength quotes consumed the better positive minded you become."

“Weak mind discuss people strong minds discuss ideas –Plato

The more strength quotes consumed the better positive minded you become.”

“To overcome life troubles requires strength quotes that can pull you up when you fall, keep your mind off mental stress.”

“Physical strength is good, mental strength is better with positive strength quotes.”


“The stronger you are the better you become.”

“Learning gives strength, experience makes you stronger.”


“No one can save you but yourself.”

“People don’t care about your trying times, the strength to keep things going until you succeed is what they are after.””


“It is not about how many times you fail but what strengthens you to succeed.”

“Don’t bother about how many times you have lost but  how to regain the strength to carry on.”


“Sometimes stress kills strength, take a break when necessary or else you end up ruining everything.”

“If you feel like giving up, take your time to know why others have failed. That will give you strength to carry on.”

“Buy no cheap idea, strength is perseverance.”

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“Sometimes your physical strength will not be enough, learn to build upon mental strength as well.”

“One fool says I have no strength to continue when they have time to rest. When you get tired, rest, when you feel like giving up, take a break.”

“Why most people fail isn’t because they didn’t try enough, it is because they pour their energy on things that aren’t relevant.”

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“It is easier to lose your strength if you follow people with a power mindset.”

“Monday blues can kill your strength, make you lazy, beware of it.”

“Forget it, the moment your mental state of mind isn’t connecting with your physical strength.”

You can always gain more strength with the power of sharing what you’ve learnt.

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