17 Self Love Quotes That Will Inspire You

Nothing comparable to self love quotes that inspires. Self love quotes helps you love yourself the more, most especially in time of distress.

"Self love quotes is key to a happy life, love yourself and experience peace"


“Self love is key to a happy life, love yourself and know peace”

“Look who’s alone now, it not me” – James blunt


“Happiness is free, start from self love”

“There is no replacement, for I love myself more than anyone else”


“Peace of mind only start from self love”

These among other self love quotes focus on how to have peace of mind. We can only know peace by self love

“Do not displease yourself to please others – That is self love.”

Do not try to make someone else comfortable while you inconvenient yourself. Most people will never appreciate your effort.

“Be unique and value yourself, people will love you more.”


“I am only human, I can’t be perfect without self love.”


“I would rather love myself before others, for others do not know how it feels to love me.”

People who say they feel your pain do not feel what you feel in reality. They only say so to make you feel relief of stress. The self love quotes about how people feel.

“It’s better to walk away without a fight than get a scar that never heals.”

“People pretend a lot, do not trade self love for any other thing.”

“Aside from yourself, love yourself.”

“The battle is not over until you win, love is not lost until you lose your mind.”

“I can’t speak of others, I can only speak of my own self.”

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“Self-love is peace of mind – The ability to have control of your mind is the greatest peace of mind.”

Self love is peace of mind. Know peace know love.

“Your heart should speak of nothing but love for yourself.”


“If you love yourself, you value your life.”

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