14 Things Smart People Do But Yet Foolish

Accepting you are wrong is a smart move to show how wise you are. Fools will always claim they are wise while the wise ones accept they are fools. However, there are smart but wrong moves people take that end up being foolish.

Things smart pepple do but foolish

There are some many things people do out of ignorance, yet they claim to be smart. To outsmart others is to first step so low as the fool, feel the pain of people you think you can outsmart before you consider yourself smart enough.


Things Smart People Do But Yet Foolish

1. Corny: Being corny does not in any way show how smart a person is, it only shows how deceitful a person is. A smart person will stay by their words and stand by it to the end.

2. Gossip: If there is a person who thinks there is a saint who does not talk about others or gossip about a thing, consider such a person a fool. Calming to be smart by telling others you do not like gossip or let someone else gossip about you while you gossip about others makes one a fool.

3. Cheating: Cheating on our spouse out of their consent while we secure and monitor our spouse from cheating makes a person a complete fool. ‘A  cheat can not eat their cake and still have it’. In fact, getting angry and catching your spouse cheating when you do worse is completely foolish.

4. Malpractice: Sometimes, we have to do some immoral things just to get out of a mess. That is not a problem anyways. The thing that results in foolishness is when engaging in malpractices just because we are too lazy to complete a task, it is a smart but wrong move.

5. Married people having extra marital affairs with their children’s age mate: There is this drive in every human, we always want what is good for ourselves but do not want to give out the good things we own.

This is a smart but wrong move. Dating a child who is of our daughters or sons age should be considered a very wrong move, the question this people who engage in this act should ask themselves is if they can allow their children to do the same.

6. Speaking ill of others: The word of the mouth can destroy and damage life, it is smart to think of the outcome before altering those words. Speaking ill of others will be considered completely foolish.

7. Giving up: Sometimes things can be frustrating, at some point it is smart to say we have given up. Doing this will help hiss of pain and stress but giving in to failure by giving up is totally a wrong move.

8. Look down on people: Most people who look down on others always have the mindset that what they have acquired is mainly by their power or strength, one thing they forgot so soon is that everything they own and themselves can be taken away in seconds.

9. Pride and Arrogant: Being humble is the smartest move a wise person will make even when they have everything in their possession. What we should not forget is, we own none of these things .

10. Spending on luxuries: You own your money, you worked so hard to acquire this wealth which means you can spend them on yourself without being questioned.

11. Discriminate: Because a person is fortunate to be blessed does not mean they should look others down. Discrimination is a foolish move, an alternative to murder, as it can lead to depression which can make one commit suicide on your account.

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 Yes, no one disputes this fact, but the truth remains lavish resources on what will never make a difference will speak for itself with time. Those who did it then were not remembered, not even for their wrongs.

12. Stingy and greed: It is good to keep your resources to yourself and minimize your spending but that does not call for greed or being stingy.

13. Pull others down: The shy is so wide that it contains everyone to fly, it is a smart move to balance things and watch your line so that no one will overtake you, but pulling others down just because you want to move up or stay at the top is a foolish move. People who are meant to be at the top will be there no matter what evil one does.

14. Think they are smarter: smart people never think they are smarter than others, instead they put themselves to the test and prove how smart they are by their ability.



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