Parental Control Effect On Children’s Behaviour

It is easier to train a child to abide by rules with little limitation, however, sometimes it takes more of parental control and being strict to control a child’s behaviour.

Parental control and effect on children's behaviour

Nevertheless, humans remain the hardest thing to control on earth, children being a more complex being to manage, because they are vulnerable to easily digress from the path parents want them to follow.

Same way you think you are protecting a child, the same way a child thinks you are resisting them from happiness.


What Is Parental Control

Parental controls are programmed software, a tools that allows parents to set monitor and be in control of their children internet usage, to prevent children to gain access to unrelated, forbidden contents, on the web such as sexual content, violence, sexting, gambling site, drug and alcohol site, fraud site, hacking, and trafficking on dark web and all.


Problem Of The Internet

Despite the great benefit of the internet, most people, especially the young adults have lost their tracks by following trends that aren’t productive but distracting.

The Internet has created a bunch of social media madness, where people take insanity as a norm, everyone wants to be part of the trend but fail to take advantage of greater opportunities that  await them on the same internet.

Bad influencers, corruption, spam, scam, fraud, sexually immoralities such as watching pronophrahy. There on the internet, a child can easily endurge in examination malpractice, bribe and corruption and more.


Why The Use Of Parental Control On Children

The internet is a free access passage to many things around the world; through the web, it is very possible to visit places without being there. The world is just at the tip of your fingers, it all depends on how you use it.

With parental control on the internet, parents are able to track every activity, browser and site history, call and messages, social media activities, mobile applications, location of where your child may be at a particular time, protection from internet threat.

Parental control is a relationship battle between parents protection over children privacy

Internet Effects On Children’s Behaviour

Despite the great introduction of parental control, by trying to cub children activities and engagement with the wild internet world. This might show a great promise for now but not for long because the more parental restriction on children, the greater children feel curious to bypass them.

We have all once been a child, and we understand what it means to be restricted to some certain things at that age.

For the tough ones, it is always a frustrating moment, despite the fact that most of us were not used to the internet at that time but still there are other things our parents would have told us not to interact or engage with.

According to businessinsider,  science says parents of successful kids have these 24 things in common, among others things, one of them is that ‘parent tend to have a healthy relationship with their kid’.

The truth of the matter is that parental control will not make this possible as it will diminish the level of closeness, trust and confidence between children and their parents.

Still, these things our parents told us to abstain from are the very thing our mind keeps telling us to do. Sometimes it feels like a demon in us, pushing us, persuading and tempting us to get involved, it takes grace for most of us to overcome these things.

At that time, most things are not easy for us to interact with but we still find some way to bypass those things despite parental control.

This is the internet age, the children are smarter than we think, most of them are desperate and could go extra miles to get that which they really want, no matter the cost, the risk or price they are very well prepared without looking back at the damage it would cost.


Parental Control Effect On Children

Despite the fact of the great innovation and introduction of  parental control on the internet for children, with immense advantage to limit and control the activities of a child on the internet, like how much time they can spend online, where they should have access to visit and all.

Parental control still remains a thing of concern, a threat on parent and child’s relationship, as it could cause more problems than the solution it claims to solve.

Increase the level of curiosity: Have you ever observed that humans are desperate when it comes to curiosity. The power of knowing can not be taken away from humans.

Especially when it comes to secrecy. It is that very thing we are told not to go near we find pleasure in. The same thing applies to parental control, the more we tell kids to abstain, restrict them from something the more they get curious to know more about that thing.

1. Secrecy: Parental control could serve as a restriction but not holding a child freewill to secrecy. Parental control will make a child feel their parents aren’t capable of handling their way of life and since parents are not confident of their kids, children will always keep confidential and sensitive things always from them.

2. Find alternative root to bypass: The internet is a free source, there are many ways to bypass security. This in turn remains an eye opener for kids to find other means to bypass parental control.

Also remember that technology can easily be falsified as creating solution can result to bigger problems.

3. Lack of privacy: Children have the right to have privacy at some point in time. Forget that they are children, these kids think and they think deep most of the time when they are left alone. Parental control restricts children from their right to privacy, this could result in emotional problems that parents may not be able to contain.

4. Diminish trust:  When trust is gone, love is lost. What remains is a sense of betrayal. If this eventually happens in a home, then believe it, this home can never be settled. Everyone will have to watch their backs.

In conclusion, Adopting parental control could be a great way to monitor a child with the hope of leading them through the right part, but at the same time it is the beginning of relationship distraction between parents and their kids.

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