How To Stop Craving For Attention And Still Get Audience

While it is best to find how to stop craving for attention; Humans are naturally egoistic in nature, we feel pride in ourselves and we most times want to show the world who we are by seeking attention.

Just as light finds its way in the dark, so as your potential will seek its path if you’d stop craving for attention.

It is good to seek attention when you have something valuable to offer but worse to be an attention seeker when you have nothing meaningful to offer.

Think about it this way, seeking attention when you do not know in detail the fundamentals of that attention which you seek is a problem on your path, but realizing that craving for attention isn’t a good way to be noticed is something I applaud you for.

Where Craving For Attention Leads

Actually, attention seeking has taken so many to their promised  land, as people of this caliber know that the only way they can make their intentions and potential known is by seeking attention.

At the same time, craving for attention when not necessary has led so many people with great potentials to destruction.

At one end, you can publicize yourself and get noticed but at another time you do not have to do so before you get the attention you deserve.  It only takes just some few steps to get the right attention you need without publicizing yourself.

Just as light finds its way in the dark, so as your potential will seek its path if you’d stop craving for attention.

Steps To Stop seeking For Audience

1. Be yourself: Though there are times you have to fake it to make things work, being yourself is better.  Just be your natural self and the right people who are meant to for you will find you.

If you do not stop craving for attention then it will be difficult for the right people of your caliber to find you or help you.

2. Engage yourself: ‘The idle hand is the devil’s workshop’ Engaging yourself in activities can stop you from craving for attention. Find something to do, get busy and overload yourself with work.

3. Add value: Instead of seeking attention, why not find ways to add value to people who need those values, like finding a solution to the problem around you.

Trying to seek attention without you having nothing to offer those who you seek their attention is a blow on your face. You want people to notice you? Then you most first create something valuable they will notice in you even without you seeking their attention. When you have value, you do not need to crave attention, they will come to you.

4. Take some exercise: Another reason why you are craving for attention is because you aren’t exhausted. Engage in exercise and have a daily routine, this will burn you out and stop you craving for attention.

5. Create a standard: If you do not have a class, a standard then you will feel inferior to others. The ability to stop being inferior can stop you craving for attention. Even if you know within yourself that you are not up to a standard, then work towards it, it could take time but developing yourself each day can create you an outstanding standard over time.

How To Stop Craving Attention

Find time to create value and making yourself more useful to the public rather than seeking attention will first reduce your engagement by stop craving for attention and at the same time get the right audience

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