How To Beat The Morning Blues And Make Day Productive

Starting your day with morning blues is a sign that shows how less effective, engaging, interactive, energetic and productive the day would be, however to beat the morning blues needs a positive energy.

A good vibes with positive  mindset beat the morning  blues.

Naturally having the feelings of morning blues shows a sign of negative energy which is a treat to your day. To overcome these threats is to start your day with a positive thoughts to enhance a productive day.

The worst nightmare is to experience morning blues on a Monday morning, the very heart of a busy week and yet find it impossible to overcome.

Morning Blues Is A Problem

Be it morning blues or Monday blues, these are self challenges we all have to face and must overcome before endurging or engaging ourselves in other activities.

The possibility of a successful day starts when you overcome morning blues as soon as it appears. The most challenging part of morning blues; just like Monday blues, is that you have to beat it before you can have a successful or productive day.

What Blues Means

Morning blues means finding yourself less motivated and inspired, be it that you had an encounter that demoralized you or you naturally felt less impressed, lost motivation or just lazy.

To beat laziness  out of your morning requires both your personal efforts and at the same time having people around with positive energy.


How To Beat The Morning Blues

1. Start with a good vibes: Good vibes can do well to beat the morning blues, sometimes when you feel lazy and less effective, all you need is to start your day with a good positive vibes quote that will inspire you.

2. Good set of friends: Not mingling with the right set of friends could attract morning blues which could make you moody and lazy. To overcome morning blue is simple as having good friends around – Right friends around you beats morning blues.

3. lively co workers around you: Perhaps you do not have the right people who can ginger you at home when experiencing the morning blues. To beat the morning blue is to move around lively people at your place of work, the more they make you lively the better chance you have to beat the morning blues.

4. Look back at your achievement: No matter how little, there is sometime you would have achieved over years which you can be proud of. These things can easily get rid of morning blues, reflect on them and think of how you can achieve more as soon as you wake up from bed.

5. Have an encouraging spouse: There is nothing better than having an encouraging woman or man in our lives. At this time of distress, this is the person who can pull, push and put you back on track when trying to beat the morning blues.

6. Motive yourself: At some point in life, you may have no one to give you the right words of encouragement, especially when you have failed at something. This is a test of time and you have to overcome it even when nobody is there to motivate you, it’s best to know how to motivate yourself.

7. Break the rules: When things get tough, it’s best to keep going. Morning blues sometimes makes you feel you have reached your limit which isn’t so. To beat the morning blues is to surpass your limit as Inc started, by trying to do more.

8. Have fun: There is no joy in working like a machine without having time for yourself. All it may need to get rid of morning blues could be you going out to enjoy yourself alone or with friends.

9. Don’t be too serious with work: Taking things too serious will never take you anywhere but add to your burden, which leads to self exhaustion. Feeling exhausted alone can result in morning blue.

10. Spread your workload: It is that you have so much work to do and this makes you feel lazy? Then find people to do them for you, call for help, and if you feel your work is too complex then do little at a time.

11. Ignore your flaws:  Morning blues can be as a result of mistakes made in the past. It may be that you think about those mistakes too often which in turns weigh you down. It is best to put your fears behind and move on.

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