Food Craving| How To Stop Craving Junk Food

Not every food is good for the body and not every good food is healthy as well. But sometimes we find it hard to stop craving junk food.


How to stop craving junk food

What Is Food Craving

Craving meaning; an abnormal desire out of your willingness, it is an urge for something not prepared for. Food craving is the desire, the want to consume something out of will.

You might have wondered why you suddenly start craving for something you didn’t plan for and sometime you plan for what you crave for but you wonder why is it that the pressure your body gives you to get the food you crave is more than what you can handle.

Why Junk Food

You might be wondering that among all other healthy foods why is it that you crave junk food and still find it hard to stop craving junk food.

It is as a result of your body trying to be in control. When you have food cravings, it does not mean you really need it. It is just that your body calls for it and at the same time it tries to take charge, I mean being in control of you at the moment.

There is something greater that controls us, let name it God , we like to be in  charge of our own self, but sometimes our self choose not to be controlled

This statement may sound confusing but that is just how it works. What this means is that sometimes we are not in charge or control of ourselves entirely.

Craving for food is most times a desire out of human control, you do not make plans or come to conclude before you agree. Your crave dictates on your behalf.

But even so, why on earth would it crave for junks and still you couldn’t find ways to stop the crave.

Food Craving Tricks

This is how craving works, you suddenly wake up unprepared for desire you least planned for.

It then tricks you out of your own interest to get something the body feels it needs. Well, it may be strange to say at that moment that you are not in control of your own will, though you have a choice.

It is funny, and at the same time weird….

How To Stop Craving Junk Food

You may be curious to know if it is possible to stop craving food and at the same time thinking of how possible is it to stop craving junk food.

You can not stop craving for food, because food craving is a natural way the body tells if it lacks some nutrients which you need to provide. On the other hand, You can stop craving junk food if you do not let your crave take over you.

1. Resistance: This means the refusal to accept or comply with something. To stop craving junk food is to resist the desire for such food cravings. Another thing to keep in mind is that junk food isn’t healthy to eat, in fact you need to check out the scary side effects of eating junk food according to eatthis , so why not abstain.

2. Pressure: You need to be able to take control of the pressure your crave brings. As explained above, craving is a forceful act of making one accept what is not necessarily important. It will trick you to accept that it is a necessity while it is not. To stop craving junk food is to know how to control the crave pressure when it comes.

3. Self Control: Anyone who fails to have self control will not be to stop craving junk food. Since craving is a trick in itself, it has the ability to control the self in oneself, according to the previous quote I gave.

4. Discipline: Craving junk food is not as a result of hunger but a desire out of one’s will. The ability to discipline oneself is a way to stop craving junk food.


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