How To Overcome Feelings Of Oppression

How To Get Over Oppression And Avoid Being Depressed

It hurts when emotions are tampered with, and even worse when you find it hard to know how to overcome feelings of oppression. This could easily lead to depression and untimely death.

Life is not balanced, as we are bound to face so many challenges of life, this can be physical or emotional feelings that some people feel they toy with.

Oppression is one of the slow but yet the fastest killer of all time, it is slow killing because you keep thinking over and over about it, while it gradually make you have negative thoughts, progress to high blood pressure and other emotional disorderliness; oppression is fast killing the moment you fail to overcome feelings of oppression. This could suddenly lead to depression which can lead someone to think of committing suicide.

Oppression is one of the greatest challenges mostly for young adults who are just starting out there, especially people who are striving to become somebody but do not have the right resources or capacity to achieve their aim.


How Oppression Once Made Me

This was one of the biggest challenges of my life and I can admit it was a selfless battle that I had to fight all by myself. Though I overcame depression but I know there are millions of people out there who are still victims of oppression. According to WHO, over 264 million people are affected and a shocking number of 800,000 people die due to suicide every year.

If you do not want to die of depression, you have to overcome the feelings of oppression, then you need to accept the fact that  divine GRACE plays a big role in individual lives.


I have once been a victim of oppression and I know how it is being oppressed by people, but I survived these hard times.

Being in a good position is by grace not your effort alone, finding yourself in a bad situation doesn’t mean you are short of grace, it is just that sometimes when life wants to elevate us it teaches us the hard way.

You might be wondering why you aren’t part of that grace other people benefit from and to be at that level at which those oppressors are, or thought God is being partial about who he wishes to bless.

Well, I thought about this as well but then, I realise everyone has divine grace within them but where it takes effects in our lives are different.

Let me share something with you some important things about divine grace. Some people call it grace, some others call it luck, some called it being fortunate and many more.


What is Grace And How it Affect Oppression

No matter what it is called, grace is just that special separated moment in life where our wishes, and that which we have in mind becomes a success with little or no effort.

If you notice and observe closely; when strong people are struggling to get things done, one weak person from nowhere comes from behind and will somehow get to do better with hiss. This then should make you think how possible that is.

Where storms pull off strong rooted trees while weak trees with little weak roots take their stand.

At this point, we should realise that it is not about how strong, how knowledgeable or talented you are, that makes success but about the right time grace takes effect.


This is why it is important to know how to overcome the feelings of oppression before it sinks us.

1. Overcome Inferiority complex: To stop being a victim of oppression is to know how to get over inferiority complex to overcome the feeling of oppression. So many people feel inferior to theirs, especially the shy and introvert. The moment you feel start gathering up momentum and start feeling like superior, then you have won over oppression.

2. Do not make your weakness known: People like to be dominant, authoritative and feel they can control you, the moment they know your weakness. Never in anyway expose your weakness to people, as it is the easiest way to oppression, but if you have, then it is not over, all you need to do is to make some adjustment by learning how to fake it to make it in life

3. Don’t feel You can satisfy everyone: If you want to get over oppression, then you should learn that you can’t satisfy everyone. Because at the end you end up hurting and hunting yourself down. As a result you feel depressed out of the act of not being able to meet up with expectation.

4. Lack of boldness: The moment people notice you lack confidence, the better chance they take in oppressing you. Learn to build or improve your confidence and get over oppression.

5. Material enticement: Never let material things of the world define your person. There are many people who are lost because they value material things over their career. These people end up in regrets later in life, and while people who have this material things such as power, fame and wealth will keep on upresses the average and poor people until they push them to destruction. To avoid this is to know and work away from distracting people.

6. Lack of self belief: At the point you fail or stop believing in yourself, that moment upward, you are a victim and can be oppressed by anyone. No matter how tough or challenging something may appear, never stop believing in yourself .

7. Failure to be outspoken: If you can not speak with confidence and authority it will be hard to overcome feelings of oppression. Also learn to be outspoken. Listen more and speak less, this is a powerful communication skill to survive the state of depression.

8. Lack of self defence and insecurity: If you can not defend yourself in private or public or you always feel insecure by wanting people to be around you all the time, then it will be hard to overcome feelings of oppression.

9. Avoid peer pressure: There is no way around this, somehow, you will meet with friends that will always try to influence you wrongly. To overcome feelings of oppression is to find ways to avoid peer pressure.

10. Leave your comfort zone: Perhaps, you do not need to do much. All you may need to do is to take a bold step by leaving that environment you are feeling oppressed, this may be your comfort zone but have it in mind that the more you stay around them the harder you find it hard to stop being oppressed.

11. Add values to yourself: If you have what an oppressor needs, it will be hard for them to oppress you. One of the ways to stop being oppressed is to consistently add values and skills to yourself. Choose the creative skills that can fetch you money and start adding value to yourself.

12. Fake it to make it: The simple and tricky way on how to overcome feelings of oppression is to fake it to make it over depression. This may sound corny but can save you everything.

13. Build an authority: If you fail to see yourself as a pillar, people wont value or respect you. Be authoritative, stand on your right and fear no one.

14. Have people as backup: Sometimes, when you feel you can not handle a situation, most especially as a result of oppression from people, try as much as possible to have good influential, powerful people as backup. These are people to run to if you can not overcome feelings of oppression from oppressors. 


How To Get Over Oppression


The solution to get over feelings of oppression is to overcome intimidation, harrasment, inferiority complex, social and peer pressure. Failure to do these things could easily lead to depression and untimely death.


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