How To Make Overnight Success Using Power Of Tiny Gain

If you doubt the impossibility of overnight success, then you should start with the power of tiny gain. The power of tiny gain is a long but sure process to become successful overnight.

How to become successful overnight using the power of tiny gain

Who says sudden achievement is possible! it is possible but at a cost. You could either rush and focus it by taking a shortcut, thereby supernatural powers to get what you want or you either stay patient while you work gradually towards achieving your aim. – The choice is your.


Taking The Supernatural Success

But have it at the back of your mind, no matter how hard you push by using supernatural forces to get successful, you can NEVER be as wealthy, nor be listed as one of the The World’s 2,000 Billionaires Have More Wealth Than Almost 5 Billion People Combined. According to

But if a person manages to get to that list, it will never last – it either the person dies, faces a series of calamity or passes a curse to his generation to come. That’s why patience is better.

That is the truth and irony behind forcing success.  However, being PATIENT and yet keeping to TIME while doing things to improve yourself could make a great difference.  


Are You Sure Of What You Do?

Are you actually doing what is meant to be yours in the quest of becoming successful? Being patient for success while doing jobs or taking a career that isn’t meant for you could also be a disaster at the end, the truth is that most people aren’t aware of this. Because you will never see the result if you go in that direction. This is why knowing more about self discovery to a successful life is important.


What Are You Willing To Offer?

If you are not prepared to give something meaningful to the world, then you can not have something in return.Some who thinks giving other people’s lives, destiny to supernatural beings has nothing at the end to show for it.

 Check back in history, The richest people in the world have something extraordinary valuable to offer the world, in return for wealth.


How To Make Overnight Success Possible

Without anything meaningful to offer, then overnight success is impossible, but when you have something VALUABLE to offer the world, mainly by providing solutions to the problems of the world, then overnight success is possible.

Let’s take for instance. The ravaging coronavirus which has taken so many lives and put the world in a state of dilemma has now come to a rest as there is a vaccine to the virus.

Have in mind that the covid-19 vaccine is created by  The University of Oxford partnered with the British-Swedish company AstraZeneca – According to NYTimes  who solve one of the biggest attacks on mankind.

This could be called an overnight success but have it in mind that The University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine Group have been at the forefront of scientific endeavour to develop vaccines for diseases of major global importance for more than 30 years – According to

Aside that, take a look at the zoom video online presentation application. This app was known by few not until the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic created an opportunity for online businesses which zoom app benefited from it.

Now zoom has become the number one  online video presentation. This could some worth be a sudden success but also a result of the power of tiny gain.

According to forbes, Zoom Founder’s Net Worth Has Plunged $7 Billion Since October As Explosive Pandemic Growth Slows


What Is Tiny Gain?

A consistent, persistent but little result that pillaged, payoff overtime effort put in place in achieving a goal.

Just like a baby trying to walk; every step counts – The result each day both good and bad is an additional advantage, an experience gained to complete the task of working.


How Power Of Tiny Gain Helps Overnight Success

The best way to achieve success overnight is to incorporate the power of tiny gain into daily life activities. The principle of the power of tiny gain is way far beyond people’s reasoning these days. As most people are after instant gratification rather than gradual progress.

Forgetting that drops of water can make an ocean; To achieve success needs time and it takes a gradual process. If you believe success is achievable.


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