How To Stop Being Hopeless And Be Optimistic

When all hope is lost what can the righteous do. If no solution to stop being hopeless? Even the ones who hold strongly to God or seek divine intervention may backslide.


What is Hopelessness

Hope is an act of putting total expectation on something or someone, with total committed, compelling and completely mind, set on possibilities.


Being hopeless is as a result of losing all attempts, carrying a negative mind set on total impossibles, failure, doubt of recovery, assurance, help or assistance.


While faith is substance not seen and things hoped for; hope is a way of believing and putting trust on things that we have faith in.


Why Men Chooses Themselves Against God

As human, we are bound to put our hope and trust in three things;

1. Ourselves 2. Other people 3. God (Divine).

It is predicated and logically inclined that when we fail Individually by not being able to get what we want or things hoped for, we put our hope in the next person we trust, and when they fail us, we then turn to God.


But reversed should have been the case as to hope in God before men. However we can not put so much fault on ourselves. Human belief and as well put more trust in physical entities over spirituality, since we can not see God, we trust and hope in what we see.

However, the irony remains, when we try everything and it fails, we then turn to that which we have once rejected or ignored.

Being hopeless is as a result of lack of expectation, disappointment, cheat and loss of motivation.


Hopelessness Remains A Mystery

Hopelessness is a natural challenge of life, being in the state of hopelessness remains a mystery, only those who have experienced it  and come out victorious call it a miracle.


If there is no solution to stop being hopeless at an early stage, it could easily lead to frustration and depression and even death.



Solution To Being Hopeless

Finding the possible ways to stop being hopeless is to make the impossible become possible, while all it requires your effect, it takes grace to overcome hopelessness.

To stop being hopeless takes the impossible to be made possible, while the possible may cease to happen after so much effort to stop hopelessness, while all hope may seem lost, miracle happens when you least expect.


To stop being hopeless is to first put your hope in God, because you will fail yourself, people will fail you but God never fails. Even when it seems like all hope is lost, it is just a blessing in disguise.


Learning The Hard Way

Do not forget every single passage in life is a lesson, you either learn the hard way as you find all hope lost or the easy way. Learning the easy way is by grace that isn’t common; the hard way builds your confidence and plans you ahead of things afterwards.


Nevertheless, hope being lost can always be regained, only if you believe in yourself and do not depend on people entirely for help or support, but to put your full trust on the one who is the finisher of all things.


Why People Remain Hopeless

Finding yourself hopeless at some point in life does not mean that is the end of Life, it is just a process to learn. Things may be difficult, brutal, frustrating, and worrying, you may try to seek for help while all hope may seem to fail, as the people you put so much trust in you may fail you as well, leaving you completely hopeless.


Why people become hopeless is because they put so much trust in people more than themselves, trust more on their instinct, believe so much in themselves more than God.


How To Stop Being Hopeless

To stop being hopeless also requires your effort by believing in yourself, putting less hope in people. To stop being hopeless is not by putting your hope in man but by seeking help from your creator.


Being hopeless is a general effect in people, at one stage or the other we are meant to face challenges that could result in being hopeless.


1. Don’t put total trust in people: To stop being hopeless is to stop putting your hope in people. Trusting and hoping in people is one heartbreaking thing that can ever happen to a person. Humans are bound to fail even when they are totally committed to their words.


2. Trusting Yourself isn’t Enough: Though at some point, you will find it difficult to admit that there is no other person you can trust than yourself. Yet you will also know that putting complete trust and hope on yourself can be self destructive. Your gut can fail you, your instinct can mislead you, while you also realise that hoping in yourself can be the last thing you shouldn’t think of.


3. Meet with good people: Good people are hard to find these days, but to stop being hopeless is to find ways to meet with good people who can impart and influence your life positively even when hope seems lost.


These people will inspire and as well motivate you by uplifting your spirit with words of possibilities. If it is to make wealth and make a better life, it is important to get this life changing e-book on how to meet with good people.


4. Improve your confidence: when all hope is lost, there is no one who can help you but yourself, this can only be done when you build your confidence to overcome every trailer during this time.


5. Self belief: When everyone has failed you, it is best to believe in yourself. Though your instinct may as well fail you but you have to have in mind that you can not leave your problems for no one but to face it, when everyone get tired of you, you shouldn’t be tired of yourself.


6. Trust in God: Above all things, to stop being hopeless is to put your trust in God, the one who knows all things. Have it in mind that everyone serves one living God no matter the religion, culture or tribe you come from. The name we call and worship our creator might be different, yet He is one.

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