How To Know a Good Person With Simple Traits

How To Identify Someone Good

Good people are rare, to know a good person is never easy. Many people have fallen victim into the wrong hands while they think they have met with the right people. Not knowing that they are just fakers.

A good person is one who knows what is bad, admits to wrongs, takes to correction, corrects theirs and makes other mistakes without hoping for a return.

It is important to take note of good behaviour people, so as to be able to segregate the good ones from the bad ones.

How To Examine The Good From Bad

Bad people are like weeds grown around good seed, you can not know them nor separate them until they grow. Without proper examination, the bad ones can influence the good.

The same thing happens when it comes to knowing a good person from the bad ones.

In the world we live in today, it is hard to know a good person as people’s personalities alone can not describe nor quality a who is good or bad. It can be very deceiving in terms of knowing someone good from the bad ones.

Has Religion Contain A Good Lifestyle

Even in terms of being religious, being a solid and devoted christian or muslim does not make someone good. Going to church does not make you a true follower of Christ.

What really makes one a true christian is when the person is a Christ like, what do I mean by Christ like person; A Christ like person is someone who acts accordingly to the teaching of Christ, who follows the footsteps of Christ, a person that others can see the footprint of Christ in.

But in the world we are today, many people are called, pastor, mentor, teacher or imam without having a good moral conduct.

Most people fake who they are to get reputation, respect or secure a very important position in society, they pretend to be a good person while their hearts are filled of negative energy traits according to lifehack.

There was this article I wrote about some time ago. About conspiracy in methodology; Religion everywhere but no change. In another article. I was fortunate to meet with a brother of mine, who lamented about how Christianity has fail in love, salvation and morality. He quoted as follows.

How to know a good person

At first, I did not agree with this because I was seeing this from a different angle, while he was talking for experience. Later I got to realise that, the reason why I never saw it the way he was seeing it was because I was bred on a fixed mind, only to see it the way it was without a second thought about it.

How To Judge By Quality

A good person is not easy to find, most people act good just because of favour. Some people look at physical appearance to judge a bad or good person while ignoring the mental state.

Appearance does not qualify one to be good, nor mood of speaking, good words out of the mouth does not mean the mind is good.

How To Be Aware Of Someone Good

A good person can be known by quality not quantity. How do I mean; To know how good a person is, needs to examine carefully not by their level of achievement, public presence but how well they have managed the little they have.

How do I mean managing the little they have? Good people are few in quality, these good people have just little privilege to help just a few. Helping the few isn’t the problem, but managing those few with a good and consistent moral life makes them a good person.

Imparting a large number of lives positively and still failing to keep them is bad and that is what quantity is.

There are people who are so nice, humble, kind and still dangerous human beings, there are some others who are caring, loving, religions but still devilish.

1. Level of moral conduct: Good people are known by their level of moral conduct. A good person is always ethically stable, they do not change from being good today and then become bad tomorrow without an understandable reason.

What I meant by understandable reason is that there are times in life you have to do sometime to wave harmful things away, people may condemn such a person at that time, but sooner they get to realise why that decision was made, which can create a little imbalance in behaviour.

2. How they judge actions: A good person known that placing the wrong judgement on the right person is wrong. To know someone who has a good heart but in the position to judge others will have to go an extra mile to get the right proof before placing judgement on others.

3. Don’t judge by their religion: Being religious does not make anyone a good person, a person can be so devoted to religion but still have a devilish heart.

4. Gossip: Someone who claims to be good should not be a gossip, however I noticed that there is no way people can stay out of gossip, insofar they have people around them.

5. Good people make mistakes and admit: Yes, a good person will make mistakes because they aren’t perfect beings, only God is perfect. Mistakes are meant to be made, admitted and corrected.

6. Take to correction: A humble and loyal person takes to correction which is a sign of a good person.

How to Test Someone’s With A Good Heart

1. Challenge them: A good person aboslove challenges. They do not react to whatever challenge you bring to them, instead they give you guidance on how to get things done rightly.

2. Observe them: People can be so faking, you will not know until you do a careful examination on them, bad people are mostly good on the outside but bad on the inside.

3. Call your attention: No matter how you mess things up, no matter how that mess affects them, a good person will always call you to attention to your wrongs and find ways to solve problems instead of flee.

4. Get them angry: If you want to know the true temperament of a person is to test the level of their anger. A good person doesn’t get angry easily.

5. Act the bad guy: To bring out the true attitude of a person is to act like the bad person. Being the bad person while showing how a good person can handle you.

6. Level of selflessness: Good people are sharefull giver, they either give half of what they have or all of it.

7. Motivation: Sometimes we lose motivation, though there are ways to gain lost motivation. A good person will be at your side to motivate you even at your worst.

8. Speech: The words of the mouth can break and could make a person, no matter how wrong you are, a good person will always be positive in speech.

9. Pressure control: There are times that things may get rough, this is the time good people become very helpful, because they are always positive, they can control pressure instead of running.

10. Forgiven heart: If you are privileged to meet with someone with a forgiven heart then, you have met with a good person.

11. Trustworthiness: Trust is the foundation of love, a person who is trustworthy is worth being a good person.

Who Is A Good Person

A good person is one who knows what is bad, admits to wrongs, takes to correction, corrects theirs and makes other mistakes without hoping for a return.

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