How To Be a Good Person And Improve Your Personality

How To Be A Good Person

knowing how to be a good person is one of the most valuable things to do in life.

Building yourself to become a good person is to consider working on the philosophical and biblical principles of life by loving your neighbour as yourself and as well applying logical reasoning and being morally upright.

However, to make a good person in this act isn’t an easy task, as most times, it turns out that our spirit is willing but the body is weak.

Being a good person is beyond practising religion, it's more of practising what you preach.

Humans are by nature egoist and selfish, the drive and desire to acquire all is what runs in our vein. The corrupt system of the society also misled many who try to be a good person, even when we try to be a good person, the people we tend to help may be the one to blackmail us.

The war we haven’t ended started with selfishness and greed. The wants for power, wealth and fame, led to hatred for our fellow human. To be a good person has been one of the most challenging tasks of man if not the most compromised.

Notwithstanding, in the heart of the brutal world anyone can still make a good person if willing to pay the sacrifice. Though you may not know your worth when paying these dues until you are fulfilled, only then you will realise the need to always be a good person.

How to Improve Your Personality

1. Love yourself before others: One can not love others without first loving himself. You have to love yourself before others but make sure there is a balance, equality between the self love as stated by psychology today,  and love for others.

2. Understand everyone is not for you: Have it in mind that to be a good person is to be loved by few not by all. If everyone claims to love you then you are loved by none. Everyone can not play to your tune, nor follow or admire your being good. You will have enemies and among those enemies, you are their number one target.

3. Be prepared to serve others: One way or the other you have to learn from others, either directly or indirectly. So you can know, have a better understanding about life. No one is an island, we learn from experiences.

4. Believe in second chance: You want to make a good person, then you have to learn to have a second thought about everything. Learn not to jump into a conclusive decision without considering giving a second chance, it is important to know everyone deserves a second chance, in regard to who they are.

5. Somebody needs your attention: Somehow, there is someone looking up to us that we may not take notice of. There is someone out there who depend so much on us to get better so we can lift them up

6. Make enemies: To be a good person is to first make enemies, the moment you decide to be a good person, the moment you start having enemies who will be against you, don’t reject them, make them friends and find a way to convert them. It is not easy as you try to get things done rightly. There are antagonists who will always want your downfall or even frustrate and cause you to do bad.

7. Patience: Being patient is key to be a good person. Someone who can exercise patience especially at difficult times can make a great deal in being good to others.

8. Silence: The power of silence is the weapon to win over negative energy of life. Be it gossip, hatred, argument, confusion or anything related.

9. Good listener: Always hold on to the word “listen more and speak less”. Good communication skills helps become a good person. Do not jump in conclusion without verification and solid evidence.

10. Give people hope with motivation: In every situation always be positive and give people hope even at the least expectations.

11. Always speak the truth: Truth creates trust, a trustworthy person has every chance to influence people positively. In every situation always try to speak the truth even at the point of death.

12. Learn to be morally upright: Going to church does not make you a true follower of Christ, neither is going to mosque makes you a devoted and moral Muslim. You just need to be morally upright to be a good person just like Socrates and his teachings.

13. Get angry but forgive: To make a good person isn’t easy as it seems, people will hurt you and you need to get angry when necessary but learn to forgive at the instance of the incident.

14. Give a helping hand: There is no value in being a good person without helping others. Help at all cost, give support and do not mock or ignore

15. Don’t feel important: The life we live is for rent, at any time death can come for it. Feeling important that you are doing something good or that you can not be replaced is nothing but a fallacy. Anyone can be replaced in no time.

How To Be a Good Person

There are great values when you choose to know how to be a good person and being kind to others. To make good person is to first make enemies, love your neighbour as yourself while then other things follow.

How To Know If You Are Making Progress Being a Good Person

To know if you are a good person is not to judge yourself by what you do, but to judge yourself by what people say about you, this is when you will know if your effort isn’t in vain. Nevertheless, be assured that everyone can not speak good about you, all you need to do is weigh the difference.

Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to remain focused as to becoming a good person. Good people constantly face countless triers, they are most likely to get punished for offences they do not commit.

As you think of making a good person, you should be prepared to face the challenges thereof.

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