10 Sure Signs You Are Making Progress In Life

How To Know You Are Making Progress In Life

The signs you are making progress may not be made know to you, it requires you to pay more attention to detail to know if you are truely making progress in life.


Sometimes, we may not know where we are actually making some progress, and other times, while we may be aware and in progress, we may still not understand to what extent we progressed in life. 

Because you doubt your progress, you think and because you think, it exists. Its signs you are making progress

Making progress in life may look very tricky and confusing as you may not notice those processes at the inception, which may look very worrying and frustrating.

No matter how slow, low, invisible, scattered, frustrating things may appear so far you are moving forward in life, it is a sign you are making progress.   

Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress no matter how slow – Plato

However take note of these possible things stopping you from moving forward, while you also disregard people’s opinion, reaction, blame in so far you are moving you are progressing.
It may take decades, years, months, weeks, before you see your first noticeable result, so far your mind is confident of your progress, you need no worries but to keep moving.
Nevertheless, one thing you have to keep in mind about progress is that everything good and bad step taking involves a process; it is either progressive or regressive.
Another sign you are progressing in life is that, doing something productive could be time consuming, you may experience a stunt growth at first, only with time everything changes.

Lack Of Patience In Making Progress

In the act of progressing, many people who have great potential give up on themself because they see no changes, while they come into conclusion that they aren’t making any progress whereas they are actually progressing but weren’t visible at that time.
Lack of patience to wait a little longer has gotten so many promising futures and talent perished. Success doesn’t come at a sudden, it takes time to make great things happen.


How Progress In Life Work In The Making

Progress in life is like planting a tree, in the first stage, the seed is buried in the earth, it then die at first, then rise again and start up a new life.


This is how it applies to how we make progress in life; at this point, people will not notice you or what you are aim to achieve, may people will not believe in you because your progress isn’t visible.

But with patience, dedication, belief and hard work to water and fertilize that which you are aiming at, it gradually starts to grow and becomes visible to you and to the world. The important business lesson I learnt for a local palm oil seller can tell better about how progress actually works.


The Procedure That Show Signs You Are Making Progress

Another signs you are making progress in life is that each and everything we aim has a process, a procedure it has to follow, it has its time and season, it may also differ from individual perception.
For instance, the harvest time of maize is different from that of coconut or that of palm tree or timber. Though they are all plants, their duration and seasons are quite different.
And there are some other situations when people take the same step, but eventually the level of progress is totally different. This is natural, as a result of individual differences, as the result of our progress can not be accurate.

The Start Process Does Not Really Matter

How you start doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t focus on the slow or fast start, remember life is tragic, sometimes it brings the first to become the last and the last to become first. A slow start does not define your success.
Some may have a slow start but later make greater progress, while others who progress rapidly; the curve might later fall and could rise up again. In a nutshell, all that matters is how you prepare yourself, with a positive mind set towards progress.
Finding yourself making little or no progress, or in doubt about if you are actually making progress or not is a natural signs you are making progress. –



These are the sure signs you are making progress in life:

1. You doubt you have achieved anything: No matter how little your growth is, or you feel you haven’t achieved a thing, it is signs you are progressing. To feel that way is to know that you have done something tangible which you aren’t sure of because it hasn’t grown visible that you can notice.
When you doubt the existence of a thing, then it exists. So doubting your progress is a sign you are making progress.
2. You aren’t satisfied with your current state: Men are never satisfied even when they have achieved all that which they planned and hoped for. Being in this situation of unsatisfactory act is one of the signs you are making progress in life.
3. You have fewer friends each year: A single head filled with great values is better than a bunch of dead heads. It is natural to lose friends when making progress, there is a need to know the kind of friends to keep to help you further in progressing in life.
Those who stay with you at the time of struggle are people you should strongly hold on to because they have something meaning to offer. Don’t think you are a bad person because you lost your friends, it is because they are likely not on the same page with you, it’s signs you are making progress in life.
4. Doubt your next move: It is natural to doubt your instinct and your guts, doubting your next move is also one of the signs you are progressing.

This is likely to happen when you have failed at one point and are trying to take the next move, or you are just starting out something new.
5. You feel no motivation: Starting up something new without no return, reward, praise or income can be frustrating and tiring. Nevertheless, losing motivation is among the signs you are making progress, remember the analogy of planting a seed, it will not grow at an instance and people will not notice your effort until you make effort to work hard, patience, dedication, consistency before you see results.
Lose of motivation is natural for everyone who is starting new or afresh after failing. Notwithstanding, you can always gain motivation with a few tips.
6. You are scared of losing again: This is a sign of making a second move after the first may have failed. It happens when you have once tired but things don’t come out the way you planned. This is sure signs of you making progress in life, what is most important to do at this stage is to learn from your past mistakes before taking the next move.
7. You don’t feel yourself/vibes: Vibes are drive that show signs of progress, having no vibes could make you feel you aren’t feeling yourself while making progress. A good positive vibes can be a great way to start your day whenever you aren’t having the right vibes.
8. You feel you aren’t doing enough: Feeling you aren’t doing enough is also signs you are making progress in life because you have tried making progress to some certain stage, it is natural to hunger for more, while the crave for success becomes endless.

Healology; healing power written by Criss Jami quotes on goodreads says “If you’re waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you’ll never make it.
9. You don’t know how to start: Everything starting point of a new project is always tricky and confusing. Most times to take the bold step can be very disturbing as you may not know where to start from. These are signs you are making progress. All you need to do is to start at any way you can, with time you will get the rhythm.


Sign you are making progress in life

Signs you are making progress can be tricky and confusing but simple if you pay attention to detail .

1.You doubt you have achieved nothing 2. You aren’t satisfied with your current state 3. You have fewer friends each year 4. Doubt your next move 5. You feel no motivation 6. You are scared of losing again 7. You don’t feel yourself/vibes 8. You feel you aren’t doing enough 9. You don’t know how to start

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