How To Stop Being Confused When Making Decision

Making Right Decision Without Being Confused

I never knew what it meant to be confused until I met a soldier who told me I am confused because I could not confidently decide for myself. There, I thought of how to stop being confused.

How to stop being confused; When the mind is full of confusion with problems, it wonders alone, lost in the wilderness of his own thoughts.

When the mind is full of confusion with problems, it wonders alone, lost in the wilderness of his own thoughts.

He was furry and surprised while he watched me trying to sit, finding it difficult to decide, choose a chair to sit for a seminar. After a while he came to me, told me why I was confused.

It sounds embarrassing at first but after a deep thought, I realised I was actually confused because there are many vacant spaces and seats but I couldn’t pick just one.

To be confused especially when making decisions is quite related to this. Though, our experiences and events could vary but the overall challenge is how to stop a person from being confused.

What Make a Person Confused

Doubt on the other hand leads to confusion; A confused person is most likely to fail in decision making.

There are lists of things that make a person confused while making decisions

1. Lack of confidence to take the right shot

2. Being in a rush  

3. Being anxious

4. Being too curious

5. Care about wants more than what is necessarily

6. Being too careful about decision making

7. Being optimistic

8. Being shy

9. Fear to fail and be embarrassed

10. Doubt

11. Lack of authority

12. Weak mindset

1. Lack Of Confidence

Confidence gives you the right timing to attack a situation, the lack of confidence can make a person confused and as well make wrong decisions. A confused mind is one that lacks confidence to decide.

2. Being In a Rush

Rushing to get things done does not in any way help the situation, as the mind isn’t settled so as the brain is also occupied mostly with junks, this could make the brain not to function properly. So many things come to a person’s head at ones, while making the right decision will be a confusion.

3. Being Anxious

An anxious person will always be confused because he is eager to get results which brings about worrying on unnecessary things. Being too anxious without getting that result hoped for could lead to total confusion.

4. Being Too Curious 

To stop being a confused person is to stop being curious. A curious person is someone who wants to know everything about what, why and how a thing is. Being curious is good for success and business but being too curious about everything make you a confused person.

5. Care About Wants More Than What Is Necessarily

Being confused in this state is like one who went to a phone store and could not pick a phone among difference maker, models, brands or spec. There is a difference from picking a phone because it is trending or invoked and because it suits your needs. Aiming at things that suit your need could help get rid of being a confused person.

6. Being Too Careful About Decision Making

Being careful when making decisions is good, but being over careful or too careful can make a person more confused while trying to make a decision.

7. Being Optimistic

An optimistic person thinks the best possible things will happen, and hopes for it even if it is not likely, according to vocabulary. This can make a person confused because he puts high expectation to believe and hope in things that aren’t realistic.

8. Being Shy 

A shy person can always become a victim of confusion, because shyness will never allow a person to choose out of common sense. A shy person will always feel uncomfortable when making decisions, it is important to stop being a shy person when making decisions.

9. Fear To Fail And Embarrassment

Most people become confused when they are overwhelmed with fear of failure. Forgetting that failure is part and path to success and embarrassment and gossip remains a stepping stone and that which pulls a person to do better and greater things.

10. Doubt

Inability to decide, question or have a second thought about something without reaching into conclusion is an element of doubt. Doubt on the other hand leads to confusion.

11. Lack Of Authority

A person who is less or not authoritative can not stand on the ground when making a decision. When your Yes can’t be Yes and No can’t be No, it is easier for doubt to set in which does not help stop being a confused person.

12. Weak Mindset

A person who easily believes what people say, or easily falls for peoples words and actions, People who are emotionally controlled and do not know how to stop being too emotional can become confused while making decisions.

What To Do When Confused

1. Be patient: He who has patience has everything, this isn’t just a mouth say but a world that can be proved with action. To get rid of being a confused person is to learn how to be patient when making a decision.

Picking from two things, especially when they are very similar can be very tricky. It could easily lead to confusion. Learn to be patient about everything you do, it calms the mind and hiss of tension.

2. Be focused Do not lose focus at what you aim, picking from two things could be very deceiving and make things frustrating. Being frustrated can make a person become confused and choose wrongly.

To stop being a confused person is to stay focused and do not be distracted, be able to differentiate your wants from needs. Aim at that which you have in mind to execute.

3. Take action: Think less but act more is a better way to get over being confused. Because you encounter challenges or problems does not mean thinking will help you solve the problem. Though it is good to think when making decisions, too much thinking can lead to depression. Thinking less and acting more help stop being confused.

4. Take a break: It is not necessary you come to an instant conclusion. Give room for rest and relax your mind, it help get rid of being confused. Don’t over think things you can not find an instant answer too. Take a break and pretend it does not happen, pretend it is not worth worrying about, this help stop being confused.

5. Don’t exhaust yourself: When you are confused, your mind remains restless while it looks for a solution. This could get you exhausted and could cause more damage because you may start to think about irrelevant things and may lose appetite for food which results in exhaustion both physically and mentally. Get some rest and relax your mind while you think of a solution.

The Solution To Stop Being Confused

Simply build confidence against confusion, take action, have patience, focus, relax your mind, take a break, don’t overthink nor exhaust yourself.

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