How To Stop Complaining About Life But Be Thankful

Why People Complain

Have you come to noticed by now that complaining isn’t getting things solved. Instead, it adds up burden to the heart and complicates issues the more, if this is so, it is best to stop complaining about life but rather be thankful.

Life has its ways it treats people, favour some against others, and most importantly how it balances the world. Just as the moon shouldn’t show up in the day and sun in the night, so as life chooses to curse or bless, it is a way to synchronize the world into perfection.

Mistake people make is that the same energy put into complaining about life can get a problem solved.

There are people out there who look up to us just to have the things we possess no matter how little or large it is, but here we are, ungrateful because things aren’t working the way we plan.

You complain so much is because you worry so much about everything, hoping things should always go smoothly as planned, we are always bothered about things that do not matter and ungrateful rather than being thankful.

Complaining about something without taking necessary actions will not get a problem solved but build a heavy burden in the heart, causing restlessness and confusion.

Complaining also slows things down, you can end up solving a problem you should have solved in minutes in a day, weeks and even years. Complaining does not save you from other troubles but instead holds you back, makes you worry and turns little issues into bigger problems.

Why It’s Time To Put a Stop To Complains

I was once a complainant, it gets me frustrated at the end and will never let me get things done.

Mistake people make is that the same energy put into complaining about life can get a problem solved.

Reason Why You Should Stop Complaining About Life

Complaining puts the mind unsettled and in rush, a problem can never get solved when the mind isn’t settled or disturbed, it only leads to distraction and more confusion.

Another reason why you complain is because you have done so much and expect so much or you have done little but expect more.  

Because life does not meet up to the expectation hoped for does not mean you shouldn’t be grateful for the little you have in your possession.

The only way to stop complaining about life is to fix yourself, many people who complain are majorly the cause of their own problem due to ignorance.

Sometimes, in life we pursue things that are not meant for us, due to our hunger, crave, desire to meet up with life expectations and being a copycat. We forget that we can’t have what we can get.

When something is not meant for you, it is not for you, when you strive to get what is meant for you at the wrong time, you are most likely to lose it cheaply or may not have it at all and when you have what you don’t prepare for you misuse it.

How To Stop Complaining About Life

To stop complaining about life is to understand how things works in life, know why things aren’t working, trace mistakes, understand the problem, focus on the positive, doubt, be negative, hope for failure, be confident, stop being a perfectionist, don’t compare yourself with others, take off high expectation, stop being anxious, and do not put so much trust in people or life.

 You can not stop complaining if you can’t fix these issues:

1. Why It Not Working

To stop complaining about life is to know why things are not working as planned. Sometimes, we are likely to put too much effort into things that are not meant for us, due to our hunger, craving, desire to meet up with life expectations and being a copycat

2. Trace Mistakes

When we fail the first and second time, we should always try to trace our mistakes, to know where the fault is coming from before taking another chance.

3. Understand The Problem

We complain so much because we do not understand the cause of the problem, and when the cause of a problem is not well understood the problem itself becomes a challenge.

4. You Haven’t Done Enough

Before you start complaining about life, do you think you have done enough, how many times have you tried, how many times have you failed? These are questions you should ask yourself. Take a look at the life of Thomas Edison, how he failed a thousand times before succeeding according to UKY.

5. Focus On The Positive

Because you have failed several times does not mean you should not focus on the positives, your mind is your greatest weapon to stop complaining about life. How you take control of it determines what you can achieve.

6. Doubt

When you doubt something does not make you think like a loser, but creating a balance between fatalism and determinism. Nothing is sure in life but death, the rest are based on doubt and faith.

7. Be Negative

Do not think you are 100 percent certain of what you are about to achieve, “ours is to hope, life is to assure” To save yourself from complaining is to not give a 100 percent assurance on anything.

8. Hope For Failure

Life is not a win-win race, you have to win at some and lose at some point. Do not hope for success no matter how little the risks are. Even 1.01 odd in betting is not sure. However DO NOT BE GAMBLER.

9. Be confident

To stop complaining about life is to be confident of yourself, confidence comes with self worth and value you possess. If you aren’t confident enough improve your confidence.

10. Contentment

Lack of contentment with what you have will never stop you from complaining about life, because you will never be satisfied with what you have and always want everything to be yours.

11. Stop Being A Perfectionist

A perfectionist will never stop complaining about life even when they have enough or meet their needs. Life in itself is not perfect but good, so do not hope for perfection.

12. Don’t Compare Yourself

You can not stop complaining about life if you keep comparing yourself with others. Because someone has something you do not have does not mean you should have it, and because someone is doing better than you does not mean you can’t do better.

You have what you have because it is yours, and others have what they have because it is their and not yours. When you try to get what is not your, you may lose everything you have in the process.

13. High expectation

Don’t put too much hope one things that are not assured, high expectations will make you a complainant. Don’t expect so much from people or life itself

14. Anxious

When you are eager to get something or getting anything done, anxiety can set in, which can make you lose all. To avoid complaining about life is to put a stop to anxiousness.

15. Put So Much Trust

Your trust in people will always cause greater damage to your life than good. People are not to be trusted, neither should you trust your guts. Since our intuition can fail us, people can do worse.

Instead of being a complainant you should rather be thankful 

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