How To Kill Your Problem Completely: The Six Methods

What It Takes To Solve Every Problem 


Problem is a mind trouble that everyone battles with in every stage of our lives, it has become so part of us that we can not run from it. Hiding from troubles is just like taking some rest in a race, sooner when we start running to get to the finish line it shows up again.


How to kill every problem completely
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While we can find ways to hide away from troubles, it is evidently inevitable to hide or run away from problems in life, if it does not come to use, we in some ways find ourselves going to meet it.


To solve every issue in life, it is important to admit to some certain things, even if your religion or belief go against it, but I am sure to assure you that these methods solve every problem completely.

“A sum can be put right: but only by going back till you find the error and working it afresh from that point, never by simply going on.”


How to solve every problem completely



1. The first problem to solve 


Your mindset is your greatest bet to overcome every obstacle in life, how you handle your mind determines how it controls your emotions, the moment your emotions are controlled by negative thoughts the harder it becomes to get lost in the chains of such thought.


The battle to win over problems is between your mindset and reasoning, when you believe you can make something possible then you should go after it, however letting your emotion play the front role over reasoning is a problem to be solved before thinking of solving every other problem, how is this solved? It is as simple as knowing how to control your emotions.




2. Problem is for everyone


There is no one above problem, the way we choose to handle our problem is what matters. There is no hiranky in problems or how problems are shared among people. Naturally everyone is destined to face one problem or the other, big or small it comes.


So if you see yourself having a bigger problem than someone else, that does not mean that person is immune to problem, no one is immune, no one is graced, it is just that problems has it ways it shows up, it could attack some people in a wilder position, and could come in a simple way but multiple times to others.


Another thing to consider is that what seems like a problem to you may not look like a problem to others, and what others see as a problem may not be a challenge to you.


Let us take for instance; A barrel woman without a child after years of marriage will consider child birth as a problem, while a woman who gives birth to dozen of children will consider birth control as a problem if it’s not working for her.


A rich man who spends his money on severe diagnose diseases will see a poor man with good health to be fortunate, while the poor man will count himself unfortunate to be poor and pray for the rich man’s wealth without considering the problems that lie ahead.



Having the mindset that problem is part of life, just like body and soul can not be separated until death, so as problem is to everyone in life, as long as we exist, breathe, every many is accustomed to one problem at the other.



3. Your problems aren’t bigger than you


When a problem shows up, the way you picture it determines how easy and quick you can get it solved. Courage is the best way to fight problems but be reminded that courage in itself is fear in disguise. The moment there is a lack of confidence, solving problems could be more challenging. When a problem faces a person with greater courage and confidence it slides away without notice.




4. You don’t run, you face it


It is only when you try you know how easy or hard a problem is. Most people look at the size of a problem without considering how hard, soft or fragile a problem is before concluding a problem is bigger than what they can handle. 


Don’t judge a problem by how it is, judge a problem by what it is. You can only overcome a problem by challenging it.



5. It is the first face to success


Problem is like trying to cross to the other side of a river without a bridge. It either you find alternatives like building a bridge, a cannon to cross you to the other side or stay back. One thing you should take note of is that killing every problem requires a lot of patience, effort and handwork. Just like a baby trying to walk, it is sure that when a baby starts working they do not go back crawling, this is a natural process to overcome problems in life, it is sure that when you over problem you do not stay back but advance to another stage which could be success.


Take a moment to sight one of the major bridges in your area, before the bridge was constructed, crossing to the other side should be considered a problem, but the moment the bridge or boat is constructed then it no longer becomes a problem. Considering the time and money, effort and labour put in progress to solve the problem, you should see that it is not a day, weeks or month job of planning before and after construction.


When you stay back, you keep looking at the problem without solution and the most annoying part of it is that the problem stays as long as you do not act. Solving a problem requires taking action.



6. Don’t be afraid to lose


If you try to run away from a problem, it will come, if you stay it will still come. If you are afraid it will get rid of you, if you challenge it only then you have a chance to win. The best bet is to challenge your problems by bargain. Do well to be in charge of your problem no matter how big it is.


7. Managing your problem


Most people fail to kill their problem in life because they do not maintain a stable management of their problems. How do I mean? Problems need consistent maintenance but only few people know this. When you face a problem it is important to understand the origin of the problem, like how it started, the first cause of the problem, planning to solve the problem, solution to the problem.


All the highlighted factors above are what should be maintained so to know how to trace and make it never occur again. When you fail to get this done, there is a high tendency that such problems could keep repeating itself or bore other problems.


If you have ever tried any of these methods let here your view and opinion, it is good to share thoughts so people can learn from it.



My word for you today


There is nothing hard in life that won’t go soft, tires of a thousand nights will come to a stop in the morning, no matter the thickness and darkness of the clouds, sooner or later your light will shine.




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