Academic Dishonesty And How To Avoid Penalties

What Is Academic Dishonesty

Academic dishonesty simply means lying, going against formal education laws, rules and regulations of schools, universities or other learning institutions as a student .

Academic dishonesty and how to avoid penalty

What Is Dishonesty

Dishonesty is a negative energy that makes a person act without being honest, not being truthful, cheating, lying deliberately, misconduct and mistrust.

Dishonesty in the academic sense is an act of student misconduct, involved in exam malpractice against the norms of school regulations in secondary, university and other learning institutions.

Who Can Become a Victim Of Dishonesty ?

Anyone can be a victim of academic dishonesty, no matter your being saint a person is, deceit, lies, pressure from the four angles of the school wall can make a person become dishonest.

Many students have been a victim of academic dishonesty in several ways which they do not expect, while some are aware of the consequences, others aren’t.

Most students who are involved in this act are most likely trying all means to avoid the penalties of academic dishonesty by reaching out to people who could help before it gets to the authorities.

But instead of pulling out of the hazards, they find themselves sunk in the act of dishonesty, as people who they thought and put trust in to help them out give them conditions they could not contain.  

Consequence of Academics Dishonesty

The consequence of dishonesty in academics creates false impression, rustication, suspension, expel.

Possible Cause Of Academic Dishonesty

There are several possible reasons why students become academically dishonest, these reasons can vary from individual , personal, home and other needs.

While some people became victims of academic dishonesty on purpose, knowing the consequence but yet feeling no remorse to abide, there are others who do the same because they do not know how to avoid it.

Academic pressure:

All students are prone to pressure in school in one way or the other, pressure can be easily mounted on anyone because no one wants to fail or repeat a course over again. For this reason, many students indulge themselves in cramming because they could not meet up or find the course difficult while others who can not cram or know the side effect of cramming eventually indulge in exam malpractices.

Parental pressure:

Every parent wants their children to come out with the best result, they want to be proud of their children and be clear that their efforts aren’t wasted, this is a good mindset as it triggers many children to keep up with academics but things do not really work this way. Everybody can not take the first , second or third position, how students assimilate are different.

Taking your child to the best school does not mean they teach or impart the right knowledge.

As a parent, you need to stop pushing your child too far than expected, they are most likely to end up being dishonest to you and academic wise.

Study them and know their capabilities, children aren’t the same, do not use your ignorance to destroy a child’s future.

Molestation And Sexual Harassment By Teachers/Lectures:

I have always wondered till date why most students find it difficult to tell their parents what evil acts their teachers and lectures do to them in school.

Teachers are to educate and not to destroy but the opposite is the case in many schools.

Many student becomes a victim of academic dishonesty because they do not want to be harassed, some lectures will purposely fail student because of sex and molestation.

peer pressure:

It is normal you find competition in school, everybody wants to be known and be on top of the world.

The caliber and kind of friends you mingle with has a greater influence in your life, it either changes your life or worsens the case. To avoid academic dishonesty and its penalty , always be yourself and work with the right people.


No one wants to be embarrassed, yet this is a wrong mindset because in one way or the other everyone will be embarrassed at some point in life.

In fact most successful people could only become successful because they faced embarrassment, saw it as a challenge and an hindrance to progress, they found means to overcome it and then progressed.

As a student do not find shortcuts to success, work for it no matter what it takes and stay honest.

fear to loss integrity:

You do not need integrity while studying. This is a bitter truth that needs to be told. You are in school to learn, to serve and not be served. Keep your respect to yourself but respect people who are above you. Integrity comes at the due time, do not because of this become a victim of dishonesty

While the consequence of academic dishonesty can be a vital punishment for the victim. The effect after being penalized of academic dishonesty can be far greater than the consequence.

What School Managements Should Look Of For Before Penalty

The effect after being penalized for academic dishonesty on students can do more greater harm than good.

It is important for schools to take a careful examination on the students behaviour before penalizing.

1. As there are students who are emotionally weak, it is important to consider how severe the punishment is.

2. There is always a cause before effect, the cause of the action should be clearly known.

3.  it is also important to make sure you are not putting blames and punishment on the wrong person.

4. The school management should understand the qualities of a good judge before pronouncing judgement on students.

5. The school authorities should as well check the student background to know what triggers such students to involve themselves in such acts.

6. Checking a student’s past record of academic performance and behaviour report could help deduce conclusions from the premises.

7. The school should also understand that there is no perfection in humans, so a second chance should be considered as a warning if necessary.

8. Instead of embarrassment, the management could look for other means of punishment than expelling.

9. Students should be relieved to continue with their normal activities, while the school management delegates someone to monitor the student behaviour.

10. Introduction of philosophy, moral ethics can also be introduced to help victims against academic dishonesty.

Effect On Students After Being Penalized 

If school management fail to look into the things stated above before penalizing a student for academic dishonesty, the effect could easily lead to depression, choosing the wrong path like ending up being a fraudster, theft, scam after being expel or rusticated and worse of them all is suicide, as most student who fall victim of this could easily lose hope by taking their own life.

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