How To Stop Being Too Friendly To People

Being Too Friendly As a Person


Making friends connects people together, promoting social bonds, relationships, intimacy and love. Friendship is a good thing to emulate, but being too friendly can be harmful and you may need to put a stop to it before things get out of hands.


How to stop being too friendly



Friendship is good when you are with the right set of people. The number of friends you keep do not amount the success you can achieve. Keeping a large number of friends opens room to various opportunities.


However opportunities are not calculated with the number of people you keep friends or having so many friends. It all depends on how much value each friend can offer, a single friend have to be more productive than two or more friends.



How To Stop Being Too Friendly


If you have once experience the negative effect of keeping to much friends, you will realize that it is as a result of being to friendly or your friends has a lot of friends, this has to be stopped because at this point you will not be able to determine the good friends from bad forks, this is why you need to know the kind of friends to keep.


Having one right friends can make a perfect match for a lifetime friendship.

To stop being too friendly is to know the rules of friendship, and also know that friendliness is godliness, being too friendly brings more enmity and bad influence, putting a stop to being too friendly gives peace to the mind.


Keeping as many friends isn’t a bad idea but making friends with the wrong forks without taking time to examine and know their capability and value they can offer could be the biggest regret of being too friendly.



1. Stop being too social: A person who lives a very social life will always be friendly to people, social life promotes friendship and it helps people who find life to be boring and hard to kill boredom or getting along with people. Creating distance with social life will help put a stop to being too friendly.


2. Stop being too nice: Every kind and nice person always falls short of good friends yet they find it easy to get along with people. People appreciate nice people, they always want to get along. Being nice is good but too nice could make you become too friendly, especially to wrong folks.



3. Be reserved: Being too free with people can easily make you have too many friends that will never add to your progress but an hindrance. You need to be reserved when meeting new people, don’t get along too easily.


4. Build a different mindset: You need to build a different kind of mindset regarding making friends, everyone is not meant for you, you have to decide and be selective when making friends.


5. Learn from experience: You might have heard people fall for wrong folks, many people who call themselves friends are just after the value they could get or gain from you, there are distracted and destructive people you should avoid in life, especially when picking the right set of friends.


6. Don’t be too anxious: To stop being too friendly take anxiety and anxiety off you, an anxious person will always want to get along with people, and even if you decide not to get along people will want to get along with you because they see that as a weakness.


7. Everyone is not your friend: This mindset should go off you, everyone is not for you, some are meant to be against you. It is you who can choose your friends and when choosing it is best to choose your friends wisely.


You can’t please everyone: If you can not stop being friendly, you should at least have it in mind that you can not please everyone you meet, the result is that you will keep making enemies while you think you are adding up new and good friends.

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