How To Control Your Emotion And Better Decision Making

How Can I Control My Emotions

How you control we emotion differentiate a happy person from a sad person, a lively person from an angry person, weak minded from a strong minded.


Our emotion should be our greatest fear; when it has control over our reasoning, we are DOOM.




Be In Control Of Your Mind


Before you can be in full control of your emotion, you have to be able to control your mind, as your mind serves as your greatest weapon and your worst enemy when it comes to emotion control.


Emotion can greatly affect moods leading to mood swings, depression may set in when unable to overcome mood swing. If you can not control your mind, there is little or no guarantee that you will be able to control your emotions.


Many people have made costly and most likely unchangeable and irreversible mistakes because they do not know how to control their emotions.


Don’t let your emotion push you into destruction as it has the capacity to make a person make wrong choices while thinking they are right.





How Difficult Emotion Is To Control


Emotions are most likely difficult to control, it is like trying to change yourself but do not know how. Trying to be in control of your emotion can be deceptive, corny and manipulating, it takes much more self effort to control emotion.





What Emotions Can Achieve


Emotion can motive, Emotion can distract, emotion can make you weak minded, it can make you a bad person and as well make you a bad judge, emotion can destroy, emotion can be mind disturbing and lead to depression





How To Control Your Emotions


Take a break, make sure your emotion is not taking over your reasoning. Listen more but talk less, Always give every action a second thought, always feel reluctant to react or jump into conclusion. Don’t be quick to decide, don’t judge actions at instance, Be determined for a change to stop being too emotional.



Break Down On How You Can Control Your Emotion


Be determined: Being well prepared for change is very challenging, it could take time and consume a lot of your effort, it is important to take the chance if you really want to be in control of your emotion and as well stop being too emotional.


Take a break: Be reserve when making decisions, you need to take a break to think about the situation over and over again, while making sure your emotion is not taking over your reasoning.


Don’t be quick to decide: You have to understand that you do not have to be quick to decide, always wait, observe and learn from other people’s opinion before making a decision.


Don’t judge actions at instance: Always take your time before coming into conclusion to judge things. Your emotion can easily ruin everything. You can never be a good judge if you let your emotion take control over you.


Always give every action a second thought: Your emotions will always tell you an action is right when it is not, it’s a trick, you have to always give every action a second thought, when your emotions play tricks on you, learn to use your brain.


Always feel reluctant to react: Emotion will always make you react to things that do not really worth it, you may have gone far to support, defend or judge an action just because you are unable to control your being too emotional. It is important to look before you leap. 



How to be in control of your emotion


The simple trick to take charge of your emotion is by being in control of your mind, together with your reasoning. The reason why people can not control their emotions is because their minds are not properly working together.


This is a mind and body problem that needs to be resolved before it finally gets out of control. Most people are weak minded this is more reason why emotions take over their reasoning. Not being able to control one’s emotion can easily lead to self destruction without being aware.




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