How To Stop Being Too Nice To People

Stop Being Too Nice

Being too nice can result to self destruction, depression and can even take a life if one do not stop being too nice to everyone.

A nice person is always since as a kind, loyal person and can be well respected and seen as a good public figure, but could as well be seen as a sign of treat to others who see you as a person who want to dominate, while others people could see a nice person as a fool when being too nice.



Don’t think you can please everyone for being too nice. You own no one favour for your kindness.
how to stop being too nice


There is no fault in being nice and kind to people and it is not advisable to stop being nice to people as a way to show kindness to others, but being nice can as well put you in trouble if you improve your kindness to being too nice to people.


Being nice is a natural way of showing kindness to others, it does not only imply to people who give out the excess they have, but to those who show kindness and are willing to help out of nothing in their possession.  


Being nice is a natural gift from God, and a blessing upon humans. However, being nice is good but being too nice leads to self destruction, if a person does not stop being to nice to people.




Why You Should Stop Being Too Nice


When a person is too nice and kind, it creates a leap hole and exposes one’s weakness, that it may result in you becoming an enemy to people whom you have been nice to.


Being too nice can lead to jealousy, beef, hatred, gossip and more. I bet you do not want these experiences for your kindness, it is like shooting yourself on the leg, so it is better to stop being nice.


You cannot please everyone: First thing you have to note is that you can not please everyone but you can help many from being nice to others. Because people will get blessed from your kindness and at the same time you also become a mentor to people who are finding it hard to be nice.


Know who you help: Even if who you help aren’t your friends, know where to extend your kindness too. We are all human; everyone will never appreciate you for your kindness but for those who do; stop being too nice. 


Learn from experiences: Even if kindness is a good thing to do, learn from peoples experience what value they derive from being nice to people and what other people derive from being too nice. Doing things in excess does not give honor or credit to you, you will end up blaming yourself.


Everyone is not for you: Yes it is true that you need people in your life, in fact being nice to good people is very profitable but there is something you should keep in mind, being nice to everyone is not advisable because everyone can not be for you as many whom you shown kindness too will at some point be against you.


You own no one favour: As you own no one an explanation for your success or failure in life so you own no one favour of kindness, just do your best and leave the rest because some who you show so much kindness are against you.


Expect nothing in return: The biggest mistake people make is to wait for their reward of being nice to people, expecting something in return for being kind makes people go the extra length of being too kind to people. No man can reward a man for a gift from God, you need the divine to pay you for your good deeds.



How To Stop Too Being Nice



To stop being too nice, you need to keep in mind that you cannot please everyone, know who you help, learn from experiences, everyone is not for you, you own no one favour, expect nothing in return.


Don’t think you can please everyone for being too nice. You own no one favour for your kindness.

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