How To Stop Being So Negative In Thoughts and Actions

Have you been in a situation where people confront you and tell you to your face that you are so negative? They mean no harm, perhaps it is time to stop being negative in thoughts,

As a result of you always being against or opposing other people’s opinion, decisions and even your own thoughts and actions are always questioned by yourself.


How to stop being so negative; When you experience the good side of life, it is natural you should stand conscious and alert because you do not know from where or what time you may face the other side of life.

Sadly this is as a result of being so negative, however it is natural to be negative but it shouldn’t be at all time. 

The world is made of opposites, positives and negatives, good and bad, As far as you are human and we are part of the world so your thoughts should be on both sides. Negative thoughts are surely something that runs through the mind of every person even when everything looks good.

However, being negative in thought does not literally mean something bad because sometimes we have to get our mind prepared for the worst even when everything seems good.

Life is two sides, made of good and bad, sometimes we call bad ‘evil’ because it is unpleasant and filled with negativity.


Peoples Ugly Experiences Of Being So Negative

When you experience the good side of life, it is natural you should stand conscious and alert because you do not know from where or what time you may face the other side of life.

Both good and bad thoughts, actions and ideas will always keep running through the mind of every person so far. They are human.

Humans are naturally faced with problems and will in some ways encounter challenges in life. The experiences and exposure gained are what keeps the mind alerted to being so vulnerable to negative thoughts.


Effect Of Being So Negative  

Being negative isn’t bad but letting negative things become part of a person by being so negative could worsen issues.


What Does It Mean To Be So Negative

Being so negative means total opposition, resistance and not in favour of something, it could mean the fear, lack of trust and belief. 

Humans can not be without a second thought, it could be for, in favour of or against something. Either genuinely of counterfeit a person must have negative thoughts.

But being so negative to things is a thing that shouldn’t be welcome in a person’s life, being so negative is a result of a weak mind.

  1. Weak mind: People who are weak minded are vulnerable and easy to confuse to oppose opinion, especially the poor against the government. It is important to strengthen the mind to help overcome this.
  2. More exposure: Many people are being so opposed because they lack some sort of exposure, being exposed is not about age but how well you see the world not just from one angle or perspective but in different ways.
  3. Better experience: Another way to get over all being so resistant which also means negative is to gain a better experience about life. Do not think you know it all or what you know is sufficient to guarantee the validity of a thing before you conclude on something. Sometimes things may not appear the way they are or have always been, since change is constant, there are possibilities that a thing could have a different twist of validity.
  4. Second thought: Without having a second thought or being given a thing a second chance could make everything seem negative. Just because you had some bad experience about something does not mean that things are always bad.
  5. Open minded: When you experience being so negative about things, it is important to open up to people so they can enlighten you more and share their personal experiences with you. No man is an island, we are all bound to learn in every stage of our lives. There is great importance in being open minded especially in times like this.
  6. Improve confidence: lack of confidence is one thing that could build up negative things in a person’s mind. It may be that you have encountered and experienced some challenges which have diminished your confidence in you. When confidence is gone it demoralizes and gives room to doubts and fear.
  7. Overcome fear: It is also important to know how to overcome your fears as to help against being so negative. Fear will always make everything seem negative no matter how much you try.
  8. Self Belief: Just like building confidence, self belief helps a lot to get rid of being such a negative person. You just have to believe in yourself which involves building a positive mindset before you can stop being so negative. 
  9. Reading: The amount of books you consume by reading determines how well you understand life and how things actually work.  Books are written by different people based on experiences and ideology in life. The more you read, the better you grow in knowledge and understand how things actually work. This can easily put an end to being so negative.



How To Stop Being So Negative

To stop being so negative is simple, to put your mind together, improve confidence again. Weak mind, gain more exposure, better experience, have a second thought about things, being open minded, overcome fear, self belief and read more.

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