How To Stop Being So Emotional And Gain Mind Control

 Emotion And Gain Mind Control



The greatest weapon used against weak and strong minded people is their emotions. When people analyze you they can easily get to know your strength and weakness through your emotions.



The greatest weapon used against weak and strong minded people is their emotions.


Emotions are directly connected with the human mind, human emotion has being what has being the drive and push for civilization for years. And till today it is still the greatest asset to access a person’s lifestyle, such as behaviour, character, attitude and all.


Emotion and feeling are inseparable since your emotions are what presents your feelings. The way you react to things are caused by your present emotions.


Feeling, happy, sad, worried, nervous, irritated, disappointed and all are emotions, that look in your face, that reaction and action are all results of how you feel and your emotion presents it.


In fact, our being emotional has resharpened the world’s ability to easily analyze a person’s actions. People in recent years have seen how powerful emotions can be to determine the status of a person, especially in the digital world of internet technology.


A 2012 protest in hong kong against the “brainwashing aspect of moral and national education. Wikipedia


Being so emotional could make a person choose the wrong path in life, being so emotional about things could get you easily carried away making you feel that you are emotional about having a great potential while it does not.


One of the ways to control people is simply through their emotions, weak minded people easily fall for emotional and tragic things, people easily feel sorry and get petty at something.


With being so emotional, a strong person could easily fall victim and fail at that which he is good at. Peoples emotions are being controlled in various ways, in religion, social life, career and majorly in politics.


The strong minded people are the power ones, they know that the weakness of poor and powerless poor are their emotions. They strongly hold that if the mind can be easily controlled, the people can be controlled as well.


If we can succeed in inventing means of changing their attitude and beliefs, we shall find ourselves in possession of measures which, if wisely used may be employed in freeing ourselves from their attitudes and beliefs in other fields which have greatly contributed to the instability of our period by their propensity for holding up progress – Donald Ewen Camerion



To stop being so emotional

What it takes is simple, to develop a controllable mind over feelings, emotions, beliefs, urge and anxiety. The more you can have control over your mind, the better control to stop being so emotional.


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