How To Stop Being Hard On Yourself And Create Peace Of Mind

Stop Being Hard and Create Peace of Mind

It is natural to feel this way, being hard on yourself. This is a reaction that tells you that you aren’t doing enough, you are lacking at something, something is wrong somewhere, or you aren’t doing something right as expected.


Being hard on yourself Will Never solve a thing; Take a break, and life Will treat you well.



These are feelings that make you uncomfortable with yourself, when this happens, it may make you feel restless and depressed at times could lead to emotional trauma.


Life is hard, things at some point in life may not look easy, in fact getting things right could be more challenging. 



It is just like trying to build a house, the beginning is always tough and rough, frustrating especially when you lack some resources to get it done. 



Or perhaps you have tried so many times but yet things aren’t working together as planned. This could make you hate, blame yourself.


When things are tough, you start feeling hard on yourself. But being hard on yourself will never solve a thing, it’s like trying to cool a pot of water while still on fire, it’s a double stress, cases like this won’t be resolved and if resolved, it would never be resolved on time.


Less expectation: Life will not give you everything you want, life is not a bed of roses, it is a world where everyone stresses to get what they want. 



If gotten in hiss by others does not mean you can also get yours at hiss. Expect less from life and gain more, this will always stop you from being hard on yourself.


Past behind you: Your past life and your present situation aren’t the same, you make things that your past life is what affect your present situation but that is not totally true, it is how you understand life that matters. 


Your past is just a push that drives you to your present moment, be it good or bad, your past is behind you, all you have to do is to learn from it and build a better future with your present moment.


Patience: Being in haste will not get you what you truly want, you may get it at the time you need it but won’t last. We have to understand that everything in life happens for a reason, while everyone strives and races for success, when it is not achieved, it should be the time of learning from your mistakes by being patient and willing to try again as many times as you breathe.


Be open minded: It is important to share your problems and thoughts with others, at every point and time in our lives, the more we keep things to ourselves the more we hurt ourselves and as well deprive oneself from happiness, when this happens it results in being hard on oneself.


Explore: This is a great way of gathering experience and information about things, it gives a person better experience and exposure about life. The better experience and exposure you are the greater chance you stop being hard on yourself because it gives you knowledge.


Freedom: Is exploring enough to stop being hard on yourself without freedom? Absolutely not; In life, so many people are enslaved not with chains but self isolation and the inability to express their true self. So many people think they are not free to do and get whatever they want in life, but that is not true.




Freedom is an act of displaying your true nature, character and ability to showcase, express yourself the best way. If you can be free you can achieve all things.


Create happiness: If you find yourself always not happy, or not happy at all or most times, you need to create your own happiness. Though, in some cases happiness stands not to be free but you can find simply ways to find joy in everyday life according to success


Dogmatic: It is important to take note of the dogmatic way of life, the act of believing in your own ideology and not willing to listen to reason. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, so do you. But standing on your own opinion alone can make life frustrating without you knowing. Learn to collect other people’s ideas and implement them into your own system.


Make peace: When a person makes peace with others, he/she has a natural peace of mind. When you have peace of mind, you have everything and that would stop you from being hard on yourself.


Take responsibility: Do not push plans on others nor do you have to put blames on yourself because things aren’t working as expected. Instead of putting blames, try to take it as a responsibility and believe this was how it would and destined to be when things aren’t working out as planned.


Living a life of responsibilities gives you the confidence, zeal to get things done. Because it wasn’t your fault either other people’s fault but the way nature/God wants things to happen.


Face reality: You can not stop being hard on yourself if you refuse to face the reality of life. 



To stop being hard on yourself is to know Happiness is for anyone but not everyone can get it, good and evil are part of human race, success is hard, stop comparing yourself with others, you can always win but you will fail, Take the risk even when it will cost you your life, never give up.




 How To Stop Being Hard on Yourself


To stop being hard on oneself is simply by being less expectant, patient, open minded, explore, freedom, create happiness, stop being dogmatic, make peace, take responsibilities and face reality.


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