How To Make Yourself a Priority And Stop Being An Option

 How To Make Yourself a Priority


People will always see you as an option because you do not see yourself as a priority but an option to others. Making yourself too available to people means you an option to others.


The moment your choice becomes an option, the moment you become an option to others.



People will always try to take advantage of others who are disciplined and well trained from a good background, understanding the importance of loyalty and giving respect to others.


Most people of these categories are people who see nothing in assisting and helping people out at the time of difficulties or being overwhelmed by activities. Assisting these people isn’t a problem but seizing it as an opportunity to take advantage of your kind gesture by seeing you as an option is totally wrong.


Others who see you as an option do so because you are always available to them which you need to stop being available, so they rather take chances by seeing you as an option to hiss away or pass time with you while they have others as their priority,


Most people who are said to be an option to others are likely less privileged to meet up with others, it could be at the place of work, among friends, family and in relationships. These people see you as a tool to carry out some crucial activities paying you little or nothing for your effort and even complain at the good work you put so much effort and time putting together.


The funniest part is that these people pay others who they see as a priority so that they even go as far as commending, appreciating, and rewarding them while you who do more get little or no reward.


It is time to put a stop to being an option, I rather be a free man and a priority to myself than being a tool to others progress without being valued. I know you want the same, here is what to do to avoid being an option but a priority to others.



Unavailability: Sometimes you have to do things that while making people give you a sort of regard, this is an act of faking it to make it; an article I wrote about some time ago. Telling people the truth about everything you do and your privacy isn’t worth it when people know your worth they then scale you to see if you meet up with their standard, if you do not then you become a victim of being an option to them instead of being a priority.


Independent: Anyone who can not stand on his/her own self. Sticking to your words and standing your ground all by yourself without relying on other people will always be an option to others. You have to have the power to hold on to yourself without attaching yourself with people, with this, you become a priority rather than an option.


Create value: Scale yourself and know how much you worth, this determines your value. If you value something valuable it will be hard for people to see you as an option and if you need to improve self worth you need to constantly improve.


Choice: Another thing that can give you the priority you need is that you should always know you have a choice at every situation, the choice you have may be limited that could make you see those choices as an option. The moment your choice becomes an option, the moment you become an option to others.


Your right: Most people do not know their right, they just act and follow others because that is what the situation allows. You have to know your limits and capabilities. When you can say YES/NO to issues and while making conclusive decisions. When you know you’re right it stops you from being an option to others.


Self examination: Check for things stopping you from moving forward in life. There could be things that may be a distraction to you that you may not know, these things will never make you progress and when you do not progress, the chance of becoming a priority to others isn’t assured.


Too loyal: Being loyal is good as it shows a sign of respect and good training, but it is so painful that some people do not deserve your loyalty as they see you as an option.



How to stop being an option to others


To stop being an option is to stop being available, be independent, create value for yourself, have choice, know your rights, self examination, stop being too loyal as well as doing things that will contribute and add value to yourself, making you a priority rather than being an option.

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