How To Stop Being Available And Being Used By People

Showing up every time, at every call when needed is something you should stop. People see that as an opportunity and then try to seize it by using you to their advantage.

Showing up too often could easily lead to loss in value. It is important to stop being available.

Being aware of your availability to people is a step away to put a stop to being available, consider other factors

While there are people who will appreciate you for being available to them when you are needed, there are some people who see you as a vessel to achieve their aim. These people are people you should stop being available to.


People are naturally fond of taking advantage of other people, especially when you are useful and valuable to them, they see you as a tool. Being available is one of the ways to be taken advantage of by people.



Disadvantages Of Being Always Available


When people see you that you are always available, they see that as an opportunity and then try to seize it. 

You being available may mean no harm but with time after some scenario, your eye gets opened and then you realise that people who you are being available to aren’t seeing you the way you see yourself but rather they see you as a tool, an instrument they use in actualizing their own selfish aim.


Realizing that you are being used, as a result of your availability to people who do not really value your presence but rather try to take advantage of your kindness could be something sad to know.



Your Action When You Realize You Are Being Used


When you find yourself in this situation, you do not have to get angry but see it as an opportunity to get better. 

Since they see you as a tool then you have to see them as an instrument to your own progress, after you might have achieved all necessarily things needed to be achieved then you come out open.


When people see you as being available to them they see you as a burden especially in relationship, and most times tries to take advantage of your kindness. When you notice a thing or such, there are things you simply need to do.


You do not get angry with people who think you are a fool, you play along and let the fools make a fool of themselves.


Realize: To think of putting an end to being available means you have in some way noticed its disadvantages. This is a very good move to overcome this challenge.


Pretend: After realizing this, you have to bring in an attitude of pretence like it didn’t happen if they are of the type who want to take advantage of you. like you do not know what their plans are.


Be free: Make them unaware of your intentions as they do not intend to make their intentions clear to you, you need to be free.


The Fool Role: Play the role of the fool, while they see you as the fool you make the fool be a fool to themselves while you take advantage of them as they think they are taking advantage of you.


Achieve aim: Try as much as possible to achieve your aim, while they try to achieve theirs.


Pull back: After you might have achieved some successful and meaningful things then you pull back, By this time they will notice your moves and want to know reasons why you didn’t show up again like before.


Unveil: When you are called to give reasons why you aren’t showing up again, you tell them reasons why you stop being available.


How to stop being available


The trick to stop Being available is simple, stop showing up every time, at every call, learn to be independent, play along in the process then pull out of being available.


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