How To Stop Being Antisocial And Stop Being Alone

Who is an antisocial person


Antisocial person is the opposite of a social person, while a social person spends time with people, finds it lively to mingle with people, loves meeting new people and hanging around with friends.

An antisocial person does not associate themselves with social life and always find it difficult to manage people behaviou


Antisocial people feel uncomfortable around large crowds, antisocial people spend time with themselves, find pleasure in living a private lifestyle, they are mostly reserved.

How does it feel to be an antisocial person?


The feelings are always weird as people see an antisocial person as someone who doesn’t spend enough time with other people, sometimes they see you as a shy person.


An antisocial person does not associate themselves with social life and always find it difficult to manage people behaviour. People easily get on their nerves, they also get bored with social activities easily.


You can’t blame a person who enjoys being antisocial because they enjoy being alone having a private life. Most antisocial people are not trained to be social due to parental training and upbringing.


So many are used to this way of life that they find it unpleasant to be or live among social people.



The Advantage in being antisocial


I have personal experience being antisocial, it is a sort of personal freedom lifestyle where I feel confidence to do things on my own, my own way with no one intruding into my privacy.


I do not keep friends and I love it that way. Thanks to the internet world, I can get to connect the world through my smart devices, which make me feel I am social yet being antisocial.


There are good things about being antisocial, It gives me time to meditate, discover, have deep thought, read and discover new knowledge, and also make me find solutions to unsolved puzzles and challenges of life.


Disadvantage of being antisocial


I love this but as I keep growing I realized that being antisocial isn’t a way right forward, as it could lead to and increase mental stress, negative thought, depression, mood swing.


Why Stop Being Antisocial


In fact, I realise that meeting with people as part of living a social life helps against depression, improve learning skills, refreshing the memory, meeting good people who can help your success and growth, when you stop being antisocial explore new discoveries and exposure. 

Have a different taste to things, improve knowledge, and make you wild, in short, being a social person practically gives life a different meaning.



How to stop being antisocial


The solution to stop being antisocial is simple. Simply spend some time alone, weigh reasons and advantage why spending time alone worth it than spending time with other people. This way you know how important it is to stop being antisocial.


It is important to stop being antisocial and start living a social life, there are reasons why people you see around you are created for you, how you tend to manage them, help you enjoy life and make you a better person.



Start an indoor training: It may feel difficult to mingle with people, but you have to learn to. You know how it is done when a person wants to give a speech to an audience for the first time. A process where you rehearse with the mirror, constant practise overcomes shyness and build confidence in you,


Make use of smart phones: Start connecting with people with your smartphone, do constant video class with people you would love to meet and get to meet them when you have developed some confidence.


Stop being indoor: Though it is good to be an indoor person as it makes you stay out of trouble, but you can not be an indoor person all your life, you need to build self worth which will help against the act of feeling less important and valuable among people.


Make social friends: You will not want to start being social by having friends that are antisocial, when picking friends, go with people who are naturally lively and always willing to have fun, be selective and choose friends wisely.


Be confident: There is nothing worth doing well without having the confidence to face it. Improving self confidence can do well to help stop being antisocial.


Learn to spend: Nothing goes for nothing, to stop being antisocial you need to have some money with you, do not get it wrong, spending to be social does not require you having a lot of money or being rich. Just have a little and start little as well.


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