How To Be a Better Person And Become Happy

A better person is a good person who consistently improves moral behaviour and lives a life that doesn’t affect others, living a good and happy lifestyle that can be emulated by others.

Do not please everyone: You can try to please yourself but never try to please everyone because you can not please everyone. 

Trying to please everyone can make a person become a fool to himself, hate yourself and may never be happy.

Everybody has different reasons for their actions, they all want different things in life which makes them a happy person. Trying to please everyone can make a person become a fool to himself, hate yourself and may never be happy.

Have good friends: Having people around you is good but having good friends that can help you grow to be a better person is better. Don’t just have friends who benefit from you without you gaining nothing in return.
Do not be controlled by society: Your environment could be a place that could influence you wrongly. You need to know how to be in control of things happening around you. People will frustrate you, downgrade, mock, hate, insult, arras, hurt you but you have to stay strong and learn how to be in charge.
Reaching out: Like is a give and take thing, you have to take and give back, the more you help people the better you become. Giving out is just like a way of paying tribute. When you help others it is easier to receive favour from far and wide. This gives you a good reputation, be a better person and stay happy.
Growth: The craving to learn and to grow should be one of your ultimate quest in life, life is hard still, you have to learn to grow. The more you grow the better you become. This may be hard to do without building self confidence against humiliation, inferiority complex, low self-esteem.
Find your true happiness: Being happy is something to choose, though sometimes happiness isn’t free even when everyone deserves to be happy. Still you have to find your own happiness in life if you want to become a better person. Sadness is easy to come by which holds a person back from becoming a better person.
Get hurt: To be strong and become a better person is to learn and sometimes learn the hard way. Learning the hard way could look like a torment, a punishment to you. It hurts but sometimes this is the best way to become a better person. it is also important to know how to get along and overcome life struggles.
Forgiveness: Letting go of past mistakes, other people’s mistakes and moving on with life is a good way to become a better person. Irrespective of who may have hurt you, forgiveness frees the mind. When the mind is free happiness flows flawlessly.
Love: To be loved is to love others, love naturally brings happiness into a person’s life without asking for it. It is important to love thy neighbour as thyself. When people love you and you love others in return, happiness is assured.
Dignity: Being reserved, giving respect to others gives you dignity in return. When people see you as a person of dignity they will see you as a better person and be willing to get along with you, this could bring happiness.
Cope alone: Life isn’t made for you alone, it comprises other people, living life alone can be something weird to do but sometimes you need your privacy to stay happy. Having a private life could make you think of a way forward to progress, this way of life can make you a better person and at the end be happy.
Be fulfilled: A fulfilled person is a happy person. Being fulfilled takes a lot of courage and sacrifice to put things in place. Stay away from procrastination and do the right things at the right time, this could make you be a better person.
Worry free: Worries will never make you achieve a thing as it will always bring fear to your heart and make you lose track to a successful life. Staying out of worries and taking away fear makes a better person.

To be a better person and be happy

It needs consistent improvement, developing a growth mindset, finding true happiness, forgiveness, confidence, love, dignity, privacy, and learning not to please everyone.

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