10 Reasons Why Everybody Deserves a Chance To Fly

Everybody Deserve a Chance To Fly 

Not everybody will have the chance to fly but everyone deserves the chance to fly if they are willing to take the right step to success. The sky’s the limit for people who have faith, but without believing in yourself, your mindset could limit your chance to fly. 

The Mind is Your Power

The mind is unlimited and can do magical and miraculous things if you give it a chance to believe everyone deserves a chance to fly. Getting to the top of your best and reaching what you hope for could be tasking, it takes courage to challenge your challenges, it takes determination, commitment and dedication to challenge yourself.
People who became successful fight for a place at the top with the belief that everybody deserves a chance to fly. Sky is the limit for those who strive and work diligently to get there.
Seeing great people at the top as they fly isn’t as easy as it seems, while some may get to the top of their game by luck; many people believe life choose to favour others above them  but that isn’t total true because everybody can get to the top and everyone deserve the chance to fly up high as they hope for but some steps need to be taken.


Chances aren’t easy to create, you have to work for it, and when working for it you have to be determined and follow the following process.

1. Aim: Why great and successful people get to the top of their game is because they have something they aim at. You can’t just believe you can get flying without aim. Aim comes with purpose and vision, you have to possess these things before having a positive mindset.
2. Patience: success takes a lot and a lot of time, you can not learn a skill today and know it all, or have a kid and believe he should grow up the same day. It takes time to get to the top and to fly so high needs a lot of patience.
     There is one fact to be known about patience; the eagle changes its feather in a painful way just to live an additional 30 years after it might have lived for up to 40years. During this period it doesn’t fly and also find it hard to source for food, but after this process of patience practise, it raises up and flies again.
3. Opportunities: While everyone may not deserve the chance to get to the top as life chooses not to favour all. You should learn how to create opportunities for yourself. When opportunities do not come, you should always find a way to create chances.
4. Pay the price: Plants die before they grow, night comes before morning, so as challenges come before success and when it comes you should be ready to pay whatever price it bills. It could be horrifying, painful and sorrowful but at the end it will always end up being successful. Look at the story of the eagle as stated above and learn what it means to persevere.
5. Risk everything: Life without risk is worthless, because life in itself is risk, sleeping, walking, working and all are all risk taking. Things you do not plan for could happen and you will blame yourself for your misfortune without understanding the reason why it actually happened. So why not risk what you know worth more risk and get to your desired destination.
6. Try everything: The mindset to believe everyone deserves a chance to fly is to try everything that would make you fly in the right way. When you have tried and it is not working, keep trying and at the same time try other things you have passion for.
7. Stay positive: Without being positive at everything you do, getting to the top could be as hard as hell, because you might at the end confuse success for failure, your mind could be your worse enemy, so do well to stay positive at all times.
8. Stay motivated: The right motivation is the only way to boost your moral, sometimes you may be lost in motivation and feeling down but with the right motivation you can scale through your worries.
9. Giving up isn’t an option: In everything, never try giving up, giving up will never get you anywhere but take you back to zero level. When you fail to fall, keep trying and never give in to failure.
10. Learn from mistakes: Experience is the best teacher and it will only teach you by letting you make mistakes. It could even make you erase the mindset to believe everyone deserves a chance to fly in life but instead of letting it weigh you down with negative thought, learn from your mistakes and aim high.

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