16 Possible Things Stopping You To Find Success You Crave

Things Stopping You To Find Success You Crave:

The first thing that could possibly come to the mind is why do we struggle so hard to achieve success. Finding success you crave for could be a multitasking job that could take up a long time before reaching success.

Craving for success has much to do with tolerance and perseverance

Falling back is easy, climbing up is hard, to stay at the top of success could be even more challenging. However, successful people do everything not to fall back, while other successful people do not give chances to others who crave for success.
This is the main reason why you find it so hard to find success you crave for. Be it as it may, success can still be achieved if well craved for.
1. Lack of passion: It is important to understand that passion is what gives a push in pursuit of success. To find success you crave is to be and remain passionate about that which you crave for. Finding your true passion could make the crave for success come at hiss.
2. Dedication: Passion without dedication is nothing but a waste; you need to dedicate yourself to what you crave for, consistent and hard work plays a very important role while craving for success.
3. Needs against necessitates: Another possible thing that could stop success you crave is the misconception of needs for necessitate. Sometimes people think needs are more important than necessities which is not true. When craving for success, you most learn to take necessities over needs.
4. Procrastinating: The harm procrastination has cost so many people who are meant to be successful is greater than the good it has caused. Sometimes we may feel tired of trying which is considered as part of the success journey. But when we feel we should do something very important and then keep extending them for another day and then take us forever to get it done is called procrastination. Procrastination affects the crave of success negatively and must be stopped.

5. Avoiding Humiliation: The fear to be self humiliated could hold one back from attaining success in life. Being scared of being humiliated and disgraced has been one thing that makes people who are one step close from being successful take a U-turn. To achieve more in life is to know how to overcome self humiliation as it affects life before journey through success.
Craving for success has much to do with tolerance and perseverance; The more you crave the more pressure falls on you.
6. Instant gratification: Fast pace success doesn’t last if lucky to have one by chance. Having the mindset of instant gratification can not make success happen, success takes time and while craving for success you need a lot of patience to make things happen. It will not just happen at a twinkle of an eye or overnight, same way you can not plant a seed and expect it will grow overnight.
7. Past life effects: Some people fail to succeed and others will keep failing because they let their past life take hold of them as it negatively affects their present life. Dwelling on past life will keep hurting you and holding you back until you have nothing to achieve will waste time as being wasted. Get over past life mistakes and move on.
8. Patience: There is nothing patience can not achieve if what you craving for is certain. Having patience consistently gives the mind a positive thought and mindset about positive things to come. Life will give you the best result if you are patient enough. Don’t give up even if you aren’t seeing results yet, success takes time.
9. Lack of motivation: When troubles and tribulations are more than what a man can handle, the lack of motivation to carry on despite the crave for success could weigh him down. Finding motivation could be a way to pass through the challenge to reach the success craved for. You will always need regular motivation to carry on.
10. Social Influencer: Another factor that could possibly stop you from the success craved for is social influencer. A life so attached and isolated to social affairs would as well be affected. Living with people who can not influence you positively will always cost you more harm that good while trying to achieve.
11. Oppression : When the rich sees the poor, many try by all means to oppress. The oppression comes as a threat to many people instead of it to be a motivation to help reason on how to become successful. The rich do not want the poor to succeed because when the poor become rich, there will be no one to do the dirty jobs. Oppression is just a way to demoralize the poor who hunt for success.
12. Fake Friend: friendship is a powerful tool to either become successful, stay stagnant or remain poor. Choosing the right set of friends could greatly help find success you crave.

13. Fear: The fear of success is the beginning to failure, what you fear the most is what is most likely to hunt you down. If you crave for success you need not to fear if you are determined and committed to what you pursue. Overcoming your own fears starts with understanding the essence and purpose of what you crave for.
14. Gratitude: Many people do not understand the meaning of paying gratitude when it is due. The poor can not afford paying the rich for their kindness but can pay some gratitude, which could be more valuable and appreciated.
15. Connection: If you want to be among successful people, you have to create an inbound connection between you and people who are more successful than you do. You need to know people who know people and on and on, connections can pull you to the top at an instance.
16. Pride: Pride comes before fall; ‘Pride’ one of the major reasons why leaders fail. Pride can never make a person achieve in life, no matter how much they crave for success. However , some people do not know that they are proud which strongly holds them down. Understanding the true meaning of loyalty is a great way to stay away from pride.

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