10 Ways To Be a Social Media Influencer And Make Money Online Blogging

Be a Social Media Influencer

Making money could be easy and at the same time challenging. Being a social media influencer and making money from blogging through your social media presence could be a way to become rich with ease.
But everything good comes with a price. However, to become a social media influencer is to first create a social media presence which you can later attach to blogging.

If you can influence social media, you can easily make money online.

The success of every social media influencer is to have the right audience that are willing to hear you out any time, any day. Creating this ‘social media presence’ profile could be as challenging as ever if one is not consistent and patient enough.

But first, who is a social media influencer?

As the word implies, social media is a social network that allows users to create, participate, engage and share content online, through websites and applications.
Influencer on the other hand is a content creator who writes and publishes contents for people to engage with by sharing, commenting, liking and more.
In a nutshell, To be a social media influencer is to handle, control a social media account, and create a social media presence, create content and engage people to share, like, and comment through blogs and applications for the purpose of popularity, fame, and to make money online.

How To Be a Social Media Influencer

There is no shortcut on how to be a social media influencer than to work hard to get to the top of your game, while creating social media presence and getting as many followers as possible.
Though there is a way people can get to become influencers without doing much. In fact, the job could be a ready made job for you while you upgrade your stats.
However, starting from scratch could take months to years to become a successful social media influencer.
Just like blogging on a website, having an application could make you go far in the media agency world, where you can write out contents, publish to hundreds of thousand and millions of people online, and at the same time engage your followers while you make money.
1. Find your niche: The first thing to do as an influencer is to find what you are good at; what topic you can write on and not get bored. Finding your niche is the first thing a social media influencer should work on. Some of the niches are technology, politics, news, self help and improvement, health, marketing and more.
2. Choose your social media networkFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram and even WhatsApp as we speak are taking great leads as some of the applications social media agents can use to make money online while creating large social media presence.
3. Choose the right audience: Finding your niche without the right audience is a waste of time. The success of a social media influencer is having the right audience. When you have the right audience, you have a good and large number of followers.
4. Be passionate: Without passion, being a social media influencer is impossible. You have to be passionate about what you do, enjoy doing it and keep your followers engaged in every of your activities. The more passionate you are about a thing, the better your chance of success.
5. Consistency: The road to success is based on consistency. When you are not consistent at what you do, by starting today and stopping tomorrow, there is no way you can carry people along.
6. Be Creative: Among other things, to be a social media influencer is to be creative at what you do. Have it in mind that there are many influencers out there who want to become just like you. Learning how to be creative as a freelancer can help you at being a good influencer.
7. Be patient: It will not grow all of a sudden. Success does not happen overnight. It takes time to be popular. Being patient makes good times come around. This is something you have to keep in mind.
8. Make reading a habit: You can’t just be a social media influencer without reading about how things work. Making reading a habit can help you know so many things and also add to your knowledge.
9. Embrace your competitors: Most of the successful influencers you see out there embrace their competitors as they learn from them for a while, while gradually building their followers.
10. Content is key: To become a social media influencer, you have to understand that content is the key to success. Constantly updating your blog with good and quality contents is the best way to get the right leads and the followers you need to make money online.
Have it in mind that the success of whatever you do comes from the effort you put into it. This effect results in building loyal and standard followers whom you will sell your products to in order to make money.

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