8 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Learning New Things

Trying Something New: 

The fear of starting new things is called neophobia, which could be a hindrance to a successful life. The fear of trying new things could make people fail to succeed. No one can determine how successful a thing is if they fail to learn.
Learning is hard, failure is easy. It is your duty to choose between the two; and have it in mind that what you choose determines your level of achievement.

If you don't fall, you can not learn to walk

When contemplating on when and how to start a thing. Sometimes we may feel reluctant to start a thing, thinking you do not have a solid plan to get it started. Or perhaps say, the fear to fail at something new was a challenge to get started with.

How Success Works

If you don’t fall, you cannot learn to walk. Just like children, every stage in life is a gradual process. Do you know why children try so hard to walk and learn to get back up even when they fall?
There is an instinct in children that keeps telling them crawling is good but standing to walk is better; this drive pushes them to keep pushing without fear, to try again until they achieve their aim.
Look at it this way; if children can do so much to learn something new without the fear of failing and starting all over again, how much more grown adults?
We might say that these children do not know what they are doing and might not know how it hurts to fail. Have you seen a child who gets hurt playing with fire but still feel like going back to play around it again?
The possibility is slim. The truth is that children know what they do, though they may not have the basic knowledge of what greater harm a thing could cause, but they feel and believe it is the necessary thing to do.
This should apply to us as adults who have the fear of trying or starting something new; when you know something is necessary, you need to do it even when you know you might fail. Remember, life is not a bed of roses, everything good has it’s bad side.

How To Overcome Fear Of Learning New Things

1. Thinking is hard: The hardest work to do in life is not to drill the earth, or something more complex, but to think and to think right is the hardest work a man can ever do. Why you fear to start something new is that you do not do well to think it out the right way. On the other hand, to overcome the fear of learning something new is to first of all think rightly before you get started.
2. No plan: Some people start things without having a solid plan, so when they begin they see what they are about to start is so more difficult than expected, the fear of trying then overwhelms which easily results in giving up at the early stage.
Learn to plan well before learning new things. Have multiple plans such as plan A, B and C before you start something new; so that if one plan does not work, the other will.
3. Self discovery and self examination: are what make plans work. Ask yourself, does your way of life correlate or correspond to what you are about to start? Do you find happiness and passion in what you are about starting?
Do you have related vision and goals towards that which you are about to start? These are the few questions you need to ask yourself so as to overcome the fear of learning new things.
4. Fear of fear: The very major problem you face when trying to learn something new is overcoming your own fear. When you are filled with fear it will be difficult to overcome your own fear.
Before you embark on something new, make sure you have first overcome your own fear. Without this, it will be difficult to overcome the fear of starting new things.
5. Positive mindset: How do you overcome your own fear? The first and most important thing to do is to have a positive mindset. Being positive as everything gives a good signal that you will accomplish your challenges, even when you have the mindset that a thing will fail, yours is to build a mind of positivity towards failure.
No matter how many times you fail at the start of something, still stand positive to it. When the starting point and end point of a thing are both positive, the success is assured.
6. Confidence: Failure will always keep fear closer to you as new things are hard to learn; but by building self confidence, you can easily bypass the fear of learning new things.
7. Wrong path: What are you actually learning and how helpful will it be to you later in life? When something is a waste of time, the fear to learn could be a great challenge. Do not choose the wrong path, have a specific direction and know what your target is. Do not shift focus to something else; if something is not working for you, keep trying.

8. Looks easy: Because something looks easy does not mean it will not challenge you. You have to know that everything in life comes with a challenge no matter how little or big it is. When you are prepared before it comes, the fear of trying becomes less.

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