7 ways To Find Your True Passion Right Within You

Finding Your Passion:

Finding your passion and not seeing it does not mean your passion isn’t there. Sometimes, what you are looking for can be right in front of you but you might not find it. Good things are hard to find, so also what you have passion for will not easily come by.

One secret about passion is that, passion does not care how something will start, or how little a thing is, and it knows no shame.

When you finally get your true passion, it is easier to get through life in an easy way. Passion is all about what you find joy doing; what you love doing is what you are passionate about.

Passion Against Potential and Depression

Until you find your true passion, only then can you find your path through life; but as far as you haven’t gotten it right, you will keep facing challenges that will keep giving you more of depression rather than happiness.

No one loves to be depressed, but you cannot take depression away from an idle person. So far a person is idle, he feels useless to himself, and being more used by people who know his value.

Not finding your true passion is just like having a wasted potential. The irony of this is that, people will see this potential in you and instead use you to their own advantage rather than helping you find your true passion.

However, there is no one who can help you but yourself. If you are looking to find someone to help you during this hard time of finding your true passion in life, then you have to appreciate such a person if you find one, because you can hardly find one.

You cannot keep finding your passion without first defining what passion really is; this is how it works. You have to understand a thing before you can say you are knowledgeable about it.

What is Passion?

Passion is an act of getting in contact with something you love doing without feeling or getting tired of it even when it could cause a great damage to you physically or mentally.

The mindset of wanting to do more with a restless mind and the desire to get things done with or without making profit is what is called passion. Nothing can stop a passionate being because the drive, hunger, and craving to do more will always seem endless.

Being passionate about something could make you forget your sorrow and problems at every moment you find yourself doing that which you love doing. In as much as you have passion for something, then you can easily make success happen while others are working tirelessly.

One secret about passion is that passion does not care how something will start, or how little a thing is, and it knows no shame. All it is after is your own happiness and getting things done at will.

If you can be happy making a penny you can make a fortune

The things that passion can achieve are good to the ears, yet it is so hard to find true passion. It could take months, years, and even decades to find that thing you are so passionate about; it could cost you time, but the moment you find it, your success comes quickly.

How do you find your true passion

Do not let life play tricks on you, because finding true passion is easier said than done. You can say you will find it overnight but do not be surprise it could take you many years to get on the right track, as well as choosing the right path in life could help, as you may think you have found it but still discover that what you think you love doing is not the true passion you are looking for.
1. Self Discovery: Ask yourself this question – who am I? This question can never be answered if you have not discovered who you truly are. Without knowing yourself you cannot find your true passion.
It is just like trying to move from point A to C without passing through point B. Something must come before something; there must be a cause before an effect. Same thing applies to finding the right passion.
2. Try the opposite: Doing this is just like trying everything. However, trying everything does not make you a master of anything; and might not find you your true passion. But when you try the opposite of things, you could give yourself a clue of what you are looking for. For instance, if you do not like dancing, try dancing; if you do not like reading, try reading and more.
3. Self education: There is a difference between schooling and learning by your own self. So many people think schooling is something to be passionate about, but it is so sad that schooling is just for a short period of time; but continuing learning from self education could prove you with something you could fall in love doing.
4. Do it better: What is worth doing is worth doing well. This statement is true only if you are passionate about what you are doing. Doing something you are not passionate about may not be worth trying, nor be worth doing well.
You could easily lose focus by taking the wrong path and even give up on those things; but when it comes to being passionate about a thing you crave, it is worth doing well. When you are passionate about a thing, you will always feel you can do much better.
5. Start something new: You do not need to find your passion in what people have done or are doing. Finding your passion in an existing event may not truly define who you are or what you are passionate about.
Starting something new could be the long term answer. Remember as it was previously stated in the definition of what passion is – Passion does not feel ashamed of itself. You could get mocked and embarrassed when you get started, but if you still feel happy doing it, then it is your passion.
6. Your job is not your passion: Do not take your job as what you are passionate about. When I say ‘a job’, I mean something you get paid for or something you depend on for an income. Being passionate does not come with a condition; so also material things do not make passion realistic. Find your passion outside of your job if you can.
7. Don’t be shy: The aftermath or effect of shyness could hold you back from finding your passion. Being passionate does not come with shyness. Being shy does not help in finding one’s passion. Take shyness away and face the realities of life.

Don’t give up trying to find your passion; it may take long to figure out where it is. Most important thing is that your passion is within you, find it where it hides.

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