9 Ways The Power Of Words Influence Personal life And Positive Thoughts

The Power Of Words:

The power of words is a powerful tool that either makes or mar a person.
Thoughts bring words and words bring thoughts. Only if you have the right thought you speak the right words.
As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. Words have been the source of many people’s success and failure. As the word we hear and how we interpret those words bring about the thoughts in our heart.

Positive words is food to life; when not fed one cannot survive.

Just as your society can influence you, so also the power of words could make or mar you. Words change plans; the power of our words could change a person’s life in no time, as the thought within his heart could gradually shift to believing what he hears.
The power of our words are like mind shifting tools. When we use our words wrongly, it directs our world. Just as words bring about thoughts, so also thoughts bring out the words in our heart.

The Power Of Words As a Weapon

The most damaging and dangerous thing that could kill without having a physical weapon is the power of our words. People who grow and succeed in life have either positive thoughts or have people who speak positive words to their lives.
One of the mistakes people make in life that makes them fail to grow is that they take the power of words lightly. Many people are ignorant of the power our words hold.

Ways The Power Of Our Words Influence Personal life  

1. Positive Mindset: Great words influence positive thoughts which brings about positive ideas. For instance, good words of encouragement are a power of positive words. The power of our words is a great source of motivation to keep us going by overcoming life struggles..
The words you feed your mind with and how your heart reacts to those words are what determines how you grow in life. ‘Sometimes one does not have to do so much to become a successful person; while other times, some people depend on hard work to get things right’. The power of words serves as the key to success for those who know how powerful our words are.
For instance, most of the miracles in the Holy scriptures are all the power of words. They do not necessarily need to do so much physical work to make positive things happen. All that was required was word and having a positive mindset, which comes with believing and saying the words as you believe it to be.
2. Minding How You speak: Words without a positive mindset is fruitless and faithless; it has no means to serve its purpose. One thing is to speak the word, another thing is to believe in the word you speak. However, the power of our words can be so unpredictable as it could come to pass without meaning it or having such in mind.
That is why it is said that words kill faster than a bullet. When uttered, it has no stopping point; nothing can hold words back when it is uttered. Our words are like eggs; when it falls out of the mouth it can not be repaired.
It is important to mind what we say and how we say it. More reason why it is said, ‘think before you speak’. Many people do not think before they speak, they just say the words and it causes greater damage.
Here are ways the power of our words affect our lives and how to take proper caution.
3. Family background: There are instances when the words we speak becomes a blockage to our progress. This could be traced right back from our homes. The family background could serve as a great influence on our personal life as the words we hear and how we interpret words impart our life both negatively and positively.
So many people fail to progress in life because they came from a family where they do not understand the power of the words they speak into their children’s life.
Many parents are fond of raining curses on their children for slight mistakes that could be handled with care. So many people fail to succeed in life not because they are lazy or not hardworking but because they have been cursed by the power of words placed on them by their parents.
These children might not understand the power of our words, but it is our duty as parents to speak positively into our children’s life.
4. Society: The society as we know it to be has been a place filled with positive and negative mindset. The world has become a weird place that what we know and believe to be disastrous has become a norm among people. Only few people count the power of words so important, as they believe words are just for fancy.
Only few people are ready to believe in the power of words through positive thinking. Infact many people now criticize motivational speeches as they believe it serves no value to them. What they fail to understand is that these same positive words are what have produced great men we know today. Positive words are food to life; when not fed one cannot survive.
5. Friends: The kind of friends you keep determines the words you hear and how it can influence your life. Keeping the wrong set of people in your life can greatly hinder you from progress in life.
6. Speaking too much: Even motivational speakers and mentors who speak about positive things should note that the power of our words can be used negatively when we speak too much of a thing. It is good to speak of positive things but it is better to speak less. The best practice is to learn how to listen more and speak less.
7. Laziness: This is when we know that the power of our words have a great purpose in our lives but we fail to acknowledge it. Due to laziness, we do not take our time to think before we speak. Failure to think before speaking can cause a great damage to our personal life. Most people do not think before they speak, which is a bad way to a successful life.
8. Ignorance: The power of our words is a life changer but most people fail to recognize it. Lack of knowledge about what our words hold is what is gradually killing people, and also affecting people’s life progress as we speak.
9. Negligence: Finally, most people know what the power of words hold, but fail to recognize its importance and how it can affect their lives. This is the most dangerous part of how the power of our words can greatly make or mar you.

The act of not counting things serious or important is called negligence. When the power of our words seem less important to us, then we might lose the track as it could greatly affect our personal life. The power of words can greatly influence our lives when we know its importance; only then can we know what to speak and how to speak of it.

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