23 Possible Things Stopping You From Moving Forward In Life

Backwardness In Progress:

Noticing backwardness after putting so much effort in moving forward may give you reasons to give up. Struggling with life is not easy and thinking of giving up may be a good idea but before you think of giving up, why not take a break and think of things holding you back from making progress in life.

Those blames you put on yourself will never make you progress if you do not change yourself.

There may be things holding you back that you may not know and there may be things stopping you from progressing that you may lack knowledge of.
These things might be things that may not in any way seem to be an antagonist to our progress in life as you overlook them. However, it is important to know such things that hold you back from moving forward before it gets too late.

Progressing Is Hard 

Recently I stumbled upon a pics saying, There will be time when moving forward hurts, moving backward hurts, and standing still is deadly. Have courage and move onI was touched by this words
Having courage is good to move forward but without negating some things in our life which we may think is good might be the end result why we may fail progressing.
There are things you have to let go of when moving forward in life. You might think you have failed and it is time to give up trying.
Many people fail to realise the things stopping them from moving forward and at the same time days and years passes by until they give up since they could not meet up with life. Meeting up and overcoming life struggles have its own strategy as everything else in life is strategic.

Possible Things Stopping You From Moving Forward In Life

1. Self Doubt: Can I? A question of doubt. This is a statement which has made so many great people fail and never have the chance to progress, for those who are graced to have a second chance, because of self doubt, they find themselves falling short of progress.
Doubting yourself is a way of pulling yourself backward, instead of pushing yourself back up – Without self belief you may not progress; self doubt could be the cause of failure when trying to move forward.
2. Taking a step: So many people have plans but are finding it hard in one way or the other especially when trying to take a step forward. If you have a plan do not think about it for too long. Though it is good to take your time in making good plans and strategies before aiming at something, taking too much time in planning could stop you from moving forward. When you have an idea, work towards it as soon as possible before it dies.
3. Friends: Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are; Moving with the wrong set of friends could be a way of moving backward. There are fake friends who know how to mislead. Many people don not really want your progress since they are not progressing; and working with this set of friends will surely find every means possible to hold you back towards moving forward in life.
4. Influence: While fake friends could easily lead you in the wrong direction, your environment could also be a good or bad influence to the things stopping you from moving forward. Not allowing your society to define you is a good way to avert distraction which in turn helps you progress in life.
5. Blame: When you try to progress but something is stopping you from moving forward or you didnt try at all, who do you blame for your failure, People?
6. Putting blame on PeopleIf blaming people works, Steve Jobs would not have been able to develop the MacBook, Iphone, and all Apple products because top companies failed to recognize the importance of its value to the world; but he never gave up on himself even when people gave up on him. Putting blames on people because you fail to progress is not the best way to put a hold on the things stopping you from moving forward.
7. Putting blame on Nature: It is natural that when humans do not have anyone to blame for their inability to progress in life, after they might have put the blame on either themselves or both themselves and people, blame God for not helping them move forward.
Yes, it is important to turn to God in times of our difficulties especially when trying to move forward, but will that solve the problem? Perhaps, there is something you are missing.
If Nick Vijici kept blaming God for his disabilities he could not have been so famous as Gods evangelist. His challenges did not stop him from moving forward. He knew who he was and what he was. This is why self discovery is important. He knew himself and worked towards it. There are other great people who are physically and mentally challenged but yet nothing is stopping them from moving forward.
However, there are times our effort might not count no matter how we try. Knowing that being smart alone isn’t the solution to wealth is a way to have a second thought about life’s progress. At times it is not about how hard or restless we are about a thing, but by grace and luck.
8. Putting the blame on YourselfAre people stopping you from moving forward in life? If you are not putting the blame on people, probably you are putting the blame on yourself for not working or getting things right. If that is the case, then Thomas Edison will not have been able to create the electric bulb after failing 999 times, not until the one thousandth time before he got it right. If he had blamed himself, he might have found it hard to move forward.
After you might have blamed the world, people, nature and all for not being able to move forward, as humans blaming ourselves for our lack of progress is what we turn to. And to be sincere, blaming yourself is the major thing stopping you from moving forward.
It is good to blame yourself but being ignorant of what and why you blame yourself and without knowing the true reasons for your failure is just a waste of time.Those blames you put on yourself will never make you progress if you do not change yourself.
Perhaps, it is time to look inward into your own life and see where the fault is coming from. Your inability to move forward might not be from people, nature or whatever; but looking inward into yourself could help stop what is keeping you back from progressing.
9. Responsibility: How ready and prepared are you to take responsibility for your own failure now that you know that blaming people, nature and all are not the best ways to put a stop to things stopping you from moving forward. Because a thing is scary, tough and challenging doesn’t mean you should not take courage to try. If you succeed, nobody will take responsibility for your success but you; and on the other hand if you fail, you should be proud and confident of your own failure by trying again.
10. Fear to fail: You will fail; you must fall, it is not a curse but reality human most experience in life. But having a positive mindset that you will surely rise again no matter how you fail is a mind of possibilities. The fear of failure might be one of the things stopping you from moving forward which you have to put a stop to.
It’s better to put a stop to what is holding you back, before that which holds you back stops you from moving forward. —
Also remember you have to fail at some, and win at some. Do not have the mindset that you will always win; this kind of mindset could damage you and stop you from moving forward.
11. Feeling Inferior: Talking of things stopping you from moving forward – feeling low self esteem, a result of feeling inferior, is one of the greatest obstacles that hinder progress in life. Among others, inferiority complex is a great damage to our mental state of mind.
Inferiority complex reduces the zeal and desire to move forward. Feeling inferior mostly comes as a challenge when we are oppressed by people who know better or have in some way become successful than we are. They use what they have as a weapon to fight those who do not have.
And also, feeling too small to overcome a problem is a result of inferiority complex. When your mind is weak and is making you seem smaller than your problem or your problems, then it might stop you from moving forward. Overcoming inferiority complex is one of the ways to enhance your progress in life.
12. Mindset: What kind of mindset do you own? Is it a growth mindset which grows towards positivity or a fixed mindset which keeps you in the shackles of your own thought? A fixed mind is a prison that keeps a person in chains, making you believe that you know a lot whereas you know nothing of what you think you know.
A fixed mindset is primitive and has the capacity to stop you from progressing. Developing a growth mindset is a better way of approaching life difficulties and putting a stop to what is stopping you from moving forward.
13. Independence: Being dependent can never make people progress. When something is stopping you from moving forward, it may be as a result of your own ignorance. By ‘being dependent will never make you progress’, it means depending on people for help, be it your family or friends. It is a negative way to move forward.

I urge you to take a step today and learn to be independent. It is not easy but it is the best way to move forward in life. A person being fed will not know how easy or hard it is to fend for himself. If people keep doing everything for you, how will you know how to do things for yourself? It takes courage to stay independent.
So, it takes courage to move forward in life. Do not get this wrong, you can seek a helping hand when you know you have the capacity to do some stuff alone, but make sure when you are calling for a helping hand, that your hand is also there to push towards moving forward.   
14. Determination: While being independent works with courage, it takes both courage and confidence to put a stop to things stopping you from moving forward. Building self confidence with determination to meet a target is a move of possibility. So sum up the courage, build confidence and with determination you can get things done successfully.
15. Anxiety: When you expect too much, you get too little; when you expect too little, you might get much. An expectation without working towards a result is a failure.
It is good to expect but do not put your mind on things that you are not sure about; even when you are sure, learn to not put too much attention to it. Expectation could easily weaken the mind and at the same time might stop you from moving forward.
16. Negligence: An act of not counting things serious or not seeing things as being important. When you keep seeing things as being less important, then you might lose the chance when the time to progress finally arrives. Being negligent is a bad way of life. If you have one, change it.
17. Pride: Coming before a fall is pride. As humans, pride is hard to separate from people. Most people are filled with pride which hinders progress. Thinking you are worth more than something is a step-back to moving forward. Stay away from pride and wait for the good result that secretly awaits you.
18. Respect: Lack of respect is one reason why people get stopped from progressing. Give respect to all. It is important to know why everyone deserves to be respected without discrimination of age, class, race and more. Respect opens more opportunities for you.
19. Loyalty: The true meaning of loyalty could clearly show how being loyal attracts favour and opportunities. Sometimes it is not about how hard you work, how consistent you are and more, but being loyal could easily open doors for success.  
20. Self worth: Have you for once asked yourself how much you are worth or what value you possess? Without self worth you might find it hard to move forward in life as people will fail to value you. Building self worth is important as building confidence. When you are worth something, people will value you. When you are worth more, to progress in life will never be difficult because people will always see you as an asset.
21. Updating and Upgrading: Experience is a life teacher and exposure is the result of experience gathered. But without updating and upgrading yourself you might never gather enough experience and exposure to carry you through life. Constant updating to know new things and what is trending in the world is a way to put a stop to things stopping you from progressing.
22. Procrastination: The spirit of procrastination could stop you from moving forward if you fail to fight against it. So many talented and gifted people have walked through the wrong path of life because they are procrastinators.
Procrastination – a deadly diseasething that easily stops people from progressing. It tells you to do things later when it has to be done at that particular time. When you try to pick up the work again, it tells you to leave it till another time and it goes on and on, until you are out of time to get it done.
23. Taking a break: You might have worked so hard but things might not seem to be working right for you. This might promote you to think of giving up. Well, giving up shouldn’t be an option to success; but rather than giving up, perhaps you may need a break to think and reflect so as to see life in a different direction.
Sometimes, the success we pursue might be within us but because we are overwhelmed by activities, we may not get to see how close we are. Taking a break to reflect could help in achieving your aim and also help you to know the things stopping you from moving forward.

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