How Being Inquisitive Has Led To An Important Issue In The World

The Beginning Of Human Problem

The curiosity of man has led us to face our own fears. We can always try to run away from what we have caused by our own curiosity leading to a Important problem in the world but we can not hide away from the disaster caused by being curious.  

Once upon a time when humans served no god, and our reasoning were young, we knew not who we were but soon, we started to think for ourselves out of curiosity, developing a mindset and an easy life that could make things easier.

Our mindset was borne out of curiosity filled with wonders about the world, and the desire to know more and more about the things that were made there before us, is what we crave for, now and being inquisitive to know more has led to an important issue in the world.

Curiosity Effect

So we started digging and dug to know more out of curiosity, we kept digging to discover more, and here we are in a totally changed world we didn’t bargain for. Now we struggle for life and survival, as the pandemic took hold of us from behind and caught us unaware.

It was something we can never think of, staying indoors for months without working, finding it hard to reach out to our families and friends, life becomes boring as we try to maintain social distancing. No one could ever imagine the whole world could be stroked by the effect of coronavirus pandemic.

It was as a result of being inquisitive we were once faced with the challenge of climate change in recent years, which almost resulted in farming in many countries as the rate of poverty sky rocketed to over 120 million.

Out of curiosity, we wanted to know everything that flew, everything that walked and crawled, all we wanted is a fast paced world, where everything can be accessed at the tip of our finger.

Productivity of Being Curious

Should we say being curious is damaging, as it has led to a world issue? That we have taken more than what we can chew? Or better still, perhaps it is a sign that we are advancing and moving to a better world.

Being curious, inventions were made. Right from the beginning of man’s creation, people have been curious to make life easy for everyone and till today we are still enjoying the benefit of the curiosity of some great inventors.

Out of curiosity, a number of people have tried all they could to make life better, with the help of science. Life seems to be more meaningful as everything looks easier, all thanks to the inventions made out of curiosity and the divine wisdom from God.

There was once a time we could not reach out to our loved ones, mainly because we are pretty far away from one another, but out of curiosity there came telephone, vehicles, airplanes, the internet and more.

Industries and all started in almost every country as a result of civilization. These industries have helped make life easier for everyone, as it has created jobs and for people. 

Be that as it may, there is the issue of industrial pollution which damages the ozone layer and result in Global warming. As at 2019, there was a serious damage to the world claiming over 20,000 lives which was caused by Global warming.

As a need for climate change which was a result of human curiosity. Within a short period of one year, while we were still battling with the effect of climate changewe were faced with a pandemic virus called coronavirus.

Human Limitations

It was once a mystery but now it is history. This is the result of our being curious. Humans are inquisitive and always eager to know everything that there is to be known. 

But as nature will have it’s way, humans are only subjected to know within himself that which he knows, as we are limited in knowledge
This is a gap between human reasoning and the world. As humans are limited in knowledge, still the curiosity in man due to his freewill drives him curiously to want to know more. Even when it will cost life.

The Big Bang

We are in a world we know not its origin, neither do we know ours, but our being curious would not let us resist and because of this, the human race came up with a scientific theory, a history and idea about the world and the existence of man, ‘The big bang theory. 

The big bang theory claims that human revolution and origin came from mammals. We are said to be called a higher animal because we are more knowledgeable than other animals.

The Prove of God Existence

The religionists, such as the Christians,, Muslims and other religions subjected their knowledge to faiththe assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen

That we are made by a supreme being who is greater than every other being. While the religionist believes out of faith to come to agreement that there is a universal God, many and if not all scientists believe that there is no God. Out of being curious, saint Thomas Aquinas gave his 5 proof of the existence of God.

Human New Discovery

Science being curious about how the world evolved, and the curiosity to know everything that has not been known or discovered by man. On the 18th May 2020 popular science realized a post on twitter “We finally know how millipedes have sex, thanks to glowing genital”.
It’s been a month and year since the world has been battling with the pandemic coronavirus, an important issue in the world. A time where people are losing their loved ones. 

In the wake of the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, which was said to originate from china, rumors keep surfacing, as people believe the virus has something to do with the 5G network. 

It is no doubt that curiosity in man is what made man come up with the internet, creating the internet connection of EDGE, 2G, 3G, 4G and now the 5G which is believed to have a greater damage on human health than it predecessors.

“More than 250 scientists and medical doctors signed the 5G Appeal claiming that 5G, or 5th generation, wireless technology “will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF), that has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment” – according to Nation of change

This is how far being inquisitive has taken us, and more are still to come in coming years, with both the advantages and disadvantages of being curious has led to important issues in the world, showing humans our weaknesses and strengths and how capable we are to fight back and transform the world either into a better place or otherwise, .

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