3 Ways to Find Happiness and Why Everyone Deserves a Chance To Be Happy

 Happiness Everybody Deserves:

Everybody deserves to be happy. Happiness comes within the mind, since everyone has a mind, then everyone deserves a chance to be happy. It is your responsibility not to let anyone steal your happiness, your mind is you greatest source of happiness and you deserve to a chance to be happy.

If people give you a chance not to be happy, you tell them you have a choice, and you deserve to be happy”.
It is not new that the greatest asset of the human race is the mind, and to find your happiness, is to believe that everyone deserves a chance to be happy. However take note of the word deserves.

What Does Deserve Mean?

Deserves is a need for, to desire and desire is not an assurance for happiness, but an option to choose for oneself if you truly want to be happy. To be happy is a thing of choice, not everyone can afford or deserve a chance to be happy.

 Mind and Happiness 

Happiness comes from the mind, which in some ways show that to be happy is to make a choice too. You either believe you deserve to be happy because happiness is in you or you depend on other things in life to find happiness.
To be happy comes with believe, and happiness is a choice to make within your mind. If you believe everybody deserves to be happy, then you deserve it but mind you, not everyone deserves to be happy as they are faced with a choice to make.

The Powerful Source

Your mind is a very powerful source of happiness. if you take positive advantage of your mind, you will see that life is not a place of sorrow, but a place filled with happiness. All that matters is how you understand and choose to be happy.
On the other hand, handling the mind could be one of the greatest challenge you may encounter in life, because the mind defines who a man is.
As the mind is the source of our happiness In life, it could also be our greatest nightmare, if it fails to work together with the body. When the mind is against your body, it affects everything you do and you may end up with no choice other than frustration.

Where To Source For Happiness

To believe everyone deserves a chance to be happy, it is best to either create your own happiness or depend on people to be happy.
This is one challenge about happiness that people do not really understand about happiness. Most people live life as it comes, without understanding the basics as the choice of being happy becomes slimmer everyday.
The chance to be happy becomes impossible, which has led so many people to depression, insanity and death.
Understanding that everyone deserves a chance to be happy is one way to free yourself from life’s sorrow and to overcome other challenges of life.

Creating You Own Happiness

Creating your own happiness is the same as taking advantage of your free will, using the natural freedom you have as a human to derive happiness.
Some people believe that happiness is free, knowing within ourselves that everyone deserves a chance to be happy is one thing and and also understanding that happiness is not really free is another; it is either you create to be happy or depend on peoples happiness to derive you own happiness.
1. Enemy of the mind: Having the believe that your mind is not and will never be in anyway against you is an unreliable way to hope to be happy.The mind can stand as your greatest enemy if you do not understand your mind,
failure to understand your mind is failure against yourself”.
The moment your mind fails, is the moment your have failed yourself, and the moment you failure to understand your mind give a little or no chance for happiness.
To be happy is to have a better understanding of what you want and how you can control your mind to give you the ultimate happiness you deserve. If you can not take charge of your mind, you may not deserve to be happy.
2. Self discovery: I do have a quote from one of the greatest philosopher who I admire so much, he said “An unexamined life is not worth living”- Socrates.
Which means that a life that does not know what it wants, what it purpose is purpose in life, does not worth existing. This is true, though everyone deserves a chance to be happy, however,when you do not know yourself, how do you want to know what give you happiness?
This is where you have to understand you mind, your mind and body makes you up to be human . it is only when you understand something that it will get clear to you, but when you fail to understand then you in someway get sad, understanding who you are have a great role to play in the quest to be happy.
3. Positive Mind set: Having a mindset is one thing, but possessing a positive mindset, or knowing how to use the mind positively is another thing. One major reason why people fail to grow, become successful and remain poor is because they have a negative mindset which in turns result to poverty of the mind.

 This is very important

Developing a growth mindset toward life is a great way to find happiness. By believing positively and strongly in yourself without letting other things or people influence or change your thinking. Having a positive mind set is the only assured way to be happy.

 Finding Happiness In People

An alternative way to be happy is to find happiness in people. This is quite different from self discovery or understanding our own self, finding happiness in people is a poor way to stay happy but it has it great advantage, better than being sad.
Since everyone deserves a chance to be happy, then we can go extra miles to finding the happiness we deserve, however finding happiness in people comes with a price to pay and that is sacrificing yourself to be being dependent and accepting being hurt from people as your own happiness is strongly attached to other peoples happiness.
So many people have falling into this kind of lifestyle, but they lack knowledge of they being in the shoes. Meanwhile, there are some other people who know that they are dependent on people to find happiness which they are also aware of the implication of deriving happiness from other people.
Since people fail to understand the importance of self discovery and how to build a positive mindset to have a mind which can be controlled by their own will, they look for an alternative, they believe everyone deserves a chance to be happy.
People who find happiness in other people most times use what they have to get what they want, and they also believe that everyone deserve a better chance in life. This believe keep them going with the determination of being happy no matter what happiness may cost.
To this end, it is clear and assured that everyone deserves happiness in life, all it requires is how you source for you own happiness and how you choose to let life define you to find your own happiness, it is to either build one while always having a positive mind towards life or you find the happiness you deserve in people.

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